Google releases YouTube app for Android 2.2 FroYo

FroYo-only video player adds a host of new features

Sorry 2.1-and-below owners, this one's just for the elite

Android 2.2 owners have been greeted with a nice little gift for the weekend with news that Google has released a standalone YouTube app for the FroYo OS.

The new app includes a personalised YouTube homescreen, playback in portrait and landscape mode, rotate to full screen and the ability to write and read comments while watching videos.

The standalone app will also feature more timely updates as well as the ability to record and upload video from within the app.

The words FroYo-only usually give us a feeling of nausea and general ill health, but on this ocassion, it's a good thing. Wait, scratch that, we're thinking of Yoko Ono.

The app is free to download from the Android Market.

Link: YouTube