These headphones deliver bass to your bones

Sonic Lamb's patented Hybrid Driver Acoustics technology delivers audio and body conduction for maximum impact

Sonic Lamb headphones
(Image credit: Sonic Lamb)

Here's a take on headphones the likes of which I've never seen before: Sonic Lamb uses a patented 'Hybrid Driver' technology that's designed to deliver low-frequency bass via body conduction. Yup, you'll feel it in your bones – quite literally.

The Hybrid Driver Acoustics "combines air and body conduction", according to Sonic Lamb, "enabling people to not just hear music but also feel it". The idea is to translate a subwoofer-like experience into a headphones format. 

After all, particularly low frequencies are inaudible to humans, in that they only really articulate through feeling – just as you'll find in loudspeakers and soundsystems designed to deliver that low-end impact. 

Sonic Lamb headphones

(Image credit: Sonic Lamb)

The Sonic Lamb headphones do function like normal headphones in part, in that their full-range drivers produce audio that's transmitted through the air as soundwaves and into your ears. 

But that audio is separated so the high- and mid-level frequencies are split from the low-end, the latter delivered by converting the signal into a mechanical impulse and using the earpads as a virtual diaphragm that's delivered to the wearer's skin and bone. 

Sounds interesting (or should I say feels interesting)? The Sonic Lamb headphones are available on the Indiegogo (opens in new tab) platform until 14 December 2022, priced $199, with production set for after this period and a February 2023 delivery date anticipated. 

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