Samsung Galaxy S4 update brings HDR video and app to SD storage

S4 update sees UI changes and updates look of Samsung's own apps

The Samsung Galaxy S4 does pretty much everything you can think of, but what it didn't do was let you store your apps on the SD card saving precious internal memory

Samsung has started rolling out the latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which brings not only some new UI changes but also now lets you store apps on the SD card whilst freeing up internal storage as well.

The update - first noticed by SamMobile - may be over 300MB in size but what it gives you in return is an extra 0.8GB of internal storage. Software changes are minimal in appearance with a transparent notifications bar at the top and Smart Pause now pinned to the pull-down menu.

The major change that has taken place is in the video app with HDR (High Dynamic Range) video-recording now an option. Samsung has also included a new Increase Legibility mode.

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At present the update is only available in Germany however it makes sense to assume that this is part of a Global rollout so expect the update to be landing in the UK over the next few weeks.

This comes just a few days after Samsung revealed with would be launching two new versions of the Galaxy S4 including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, it's not clear however whether these will come with the update installed.

Source: SamMobile