OnePlus 7 display and design may have just been revealed super-early

There's a whole new type of all-screen display on its way

OnePlus 7 video

The OnePlus 6T isn't even here yet and already the OnePlus 7 has begun to leak, first with an official tease about its 5G connectivity and now with a look at its potential display design.

A new render reveals what the Oppo R19 could look like, which more than likely means it's also what the OnePlus 7 design will be. The OnePlus 6T is designed just like the Oppo R17, since both brands are owned by the same parent company. Expect the same repetition to appear for the OnePlus 7.

Check out the Oppo R19, aka OnePlus 7 design render below.

OnePlus 7 render

(Image credit: Weibo)

As you can see it looks like we can hope for a truly all screen display. The parent company also owns Vivo, which has already shown off a truly all-screen phone that uses a pop-up selfie camera.

In this case the phone appears to sport a front-facing selfie camera that sits without any notch edging, floating at the top of the display.

Also made clear is the use of a fingerprint reader in the display. While the OnePlus 6T will use an optical sensor, the next generation OnePlus 7 will likely go for the ultrasonic in-display reader that Samsung is apparently developing for its Galaxy S10

The OnePlus 7 likely won't arrive until at least half-way through 2019.