iPhone 6 camera to use electronic image stabilisation?

Apple opting for bigger pixels over bigger phone claims analyst

Apple's iPhone 6's camera will come with electronic image stabilisation, rather than optical image stabilisation, according to industry analysts

Apple's iPhone 6 could arrive with electronic image stabilisation (EIS), according to a Chinese analyst, rather than optical image stabilisation as first suggested.

Writing on Chinese social media site Weibo, ESM-China analyst Sun Chang Xu has said the follow up to the iPhone 5S will rely on software, rather than hardware, to stabilise images.

He also claimed that Cupertino will opt to use larger pixels in order to improve the effectiveness of the EIS.

Using EIS has both benefits and downsides. Smartphones that use EIS (like the Samsung Galaxy S5) are typically slimmer than rivals using optical image stabilisation.

That's because OIS relies on the ability to physically move the lens to counteract the movement of the phone itself. Smartphones relying on OIS to help owners take better pictures are the HTC One and several Nokia Lumia phones.

The major downside of EIS is that it uses software algorithms to counter the effect of shaking. That can lead to poorer quality images. However, Apple is said to be avoiding this by increasing the pixel size.

Larger physical pixels mean more light can be captured. The more light that is captured, the better quality the picture.

Sun Chang isn't the first analyst to claim that the iPhone will come with EIS instead of OIS. Earlier this month, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that Apple will opt for EIS in its next iPhone.

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