Here's how you can make your new Galaxy smartphone look awesome

But we wouldn't recommend it

Someone has found a way to give their Galaxy Note 5 a clear back – and you can do the same thing to your Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy S6 Edge+. We wouldn't recommend it though.

Being able to see the internals of the Galaxy Note 5 above does look amazing – you can spot everything as it's working, but it's not exactly the easiest procedure.

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The guy who created the one pictured above has uploaded a video guide to YouTube showing how he achieved the look.

It involves using a heat gun to warm the back surface of a Samsung phone until the adhesive loosens, then he suctioned off the back panel and scored the chrome sticker on the rear.Then it's a case of pulling out the material from the glass back. Easy, right?

Doing this will void your warranty, and we wouldn't recommend it if you're not experienced doing this kind of thing. It'll likely damage your phone in quite a serious way.

To reapply the back he reheated the cover and placed it in the same position on the device.

If you want one, someone has already asked him if he'd like to make some more and sell them on eBay. There's no word whether he'll actually do that or what he'll charge customers if he does though.

Via Pocket Now