Leaked photos show the iPhone 6S looks a lot like the iPhone 6

Case makers will be happy

We're expecting to see anew iPhone or three this September, as that's the way Apple usually rolls, so you can expect to see a good number of leaks and rumours in the next couple of months.

Today we've been given a first glimpse at what the iPhone 6S could look like, thanks to 9to5Mac.

Based on these pictures you'd struggle to tell it from an iPhone 6, but that's no real surprise: last year's handsets were a major design upgrade from Apple, so it would be strange if the company dumped the look after just one year. The new upgrade is going to be the same size and thickness as last year's model too.

Sources speaking to 9to5Mac say the larger iPhone 6 Plus phone might get some more substantial tweaks in the looks department, but it's business as usual for the smaller model at least. The microphone, speaker holes and ports are all in the same position, which will please case makers at least.

The picture leaks seem to rebuff a couple of rumours we had heard about the iPhone 6: namely that it would remove the shaded antenna bands around the back of the phone and include a dual-lens camera. Based on these pictures it does seem as though that will be the case, although we won't know for sure until Tim Cook gets up on stage in September.

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