iPhone 4 signal issues fixed by £25 Bumper accessory?

Video: Apple branded casing stops signal drop out

iPhone 4 shocker takes strange new twist

The signal loss issues that appear to be plaguing the launch of the Apple iPhone 4 could have a fix in the Bumper casing being offered by Apple as an additional accessory.

The Bumper case, which is available to buy in six different colours, each priced at £25, appears to prevent the iPhone 4's signal being shorted out by offering insulation to the stainless steel housing that holds the handset's signal receivers.

Watch our video of the iPhone 4's signal loss and how the Bumper protects against this.

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Requiring protection against such a disruptive and fundamental fault should not be a necessity, nor should having to splash an additional £25 toconveniently use the iPhone that will already have set users back a weighty sum of cash.

Whilst we can't see Apple intentionally creating such a flaw to increase accessory sales, we are amazed that a fault of such magnitude could slip through all stages of testing and make it to market in one of their biggest launches of the year.

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