Apple iPhone 4: 10 Reasons to buy the new iPhone

Why the iPhone 4 should be on your festive wish list

Find out why the iPhone is still top dog (and bone)...

The HTC Desire may well have beaten it to the title of T3's Phone of the Year, but Antennagate aside, there's plenty to laud over Apple's latest smartphone creation.

As the Android smartphone army grows seemingly by the day and Windows Phone 7 handsets begin to surface, the fight for mobile phone supremacy has never been more interesting.

So what is Apple bringing to the table? We take a snapshot look at the iPhone 4 specs that may sway you to buy the latest Apple smartphone, or even wait for the white iPhone 4 which only esteemed fanbois like Stephen Fry can get hold of at the moment.

See below for our 10 reasons why you should buy T3's Commuter Gadget of the Year the Apple iPhone 4.

1/ Camera

The iOS 4 update added HDR capabilities to the already excellent camera. Photographs impress in all but murky conditions.

2/ Game Center

The social gaming network for iPhone is a place to boast about your high scores and play online against real opponents.

3/ Retina Display

Half a year on, no other phone has a screen that comes within a mile of the iPhone's high-resolution, super-sharp Retina Display.

4/ HD video

The iPhone's excellent 720p video can now be easily uploaded to YouTube, or edited using the iMovie app.

5/ Apps

No other store has anywhere near Apple's choice – over a quarter of a million apps.

6/ Folders

You can organise apps and downloaded content into handy customisable folders.

7/ Build quality

The iPhone 4 is beautifully built, with the front and back panels using the type of tough glass helicopter windshields are made from.

8/ Speed

The fast, 1GHz processor never keeps you waiting.

9/ Accelerometer plus

A responsive accelerometer, a digital compass and a three-axis gyroscope mean it's more sensitive and
versatile than ever for location services, games etc

10/ FaceTime

Want to make a video call? If your callee has an iPhone 4 and a working Wi-Fi connection, you can.