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Top cardio machine deals from all major retailers (and some smaller ones too)

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The best treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainer and rowing machines are still in short supply everywhere online, despite the recent ease in lockdown measures. Lucky for you, this won't stop us from searching the internet for available cardio machine deals! Below is a selection of the best deals we could find at the moment, have a browse today.

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Since the weather is getting a bit more pleasant, you have a better chance of finding a decent cardio machine for a good price too. Amazon, Argos and John Lewis still shouldn't be your primary destination but retailers like JTX Fitness, the Fitness Superstore or even Wattbike have plenty of stock and can deliver items within a reasonable time too.

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If that sounds a bit too much of an effort, we are here to help: we will do the search for you and list all the best cardio equipment deals we could find here. All you have to do is to bookmark this page and come back regularly to see if there is anything you like and if so, buy it!

• JTX Fitness has some cardio machines that can be delivered within 10 days – check them out here

JTX Fitness has some fitness equipment, like a £625 treadmill or a vibration trainer for £999, that can be delivered within 10 days if you order it today. Even more exercise bikes and rowers can be preordered in May so have a look and see if you like either of JTX Fitness' offerings.

• Shop for treadmills at Fitness Superstore

You know things are serious when the Fitness Superstore puts a temporary £200 minimum order value on every online order, coupled up with a 30 day delivery window. Yet, there are good bargains to find here still, and since most treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines cost more than £200, you don't have to worry about the minimum order value anyway.

• Try your luck buying treadmills at Argos

Argos' website is particularly painful to browse, items will appear as 'in stock' when in fact most usually there is only one left in a remote store in Northern Scotland. Nevertheless, Argos sells decent quality cheap fitness equipment and who knows, you might get lucky.

• Shop treadmills at Decathlon

Decathlon sells everything from cheap footballs to thousand pound multi-gyms, but its website works similarly to Argos': you have to click on every item to see if they are actually in stock or not. Not the smoothest user experience for sure, but since they have an extensive library, it is worth to have a look around. 

• Shop smart trainers at Wattbike

Wattbike has sold out two of its four products but thankfully the Wattbike Atom is still available to buy, albeit it will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. If you want something faster, you can consider getting the Wattbike Icon, which is a pricier but more competent too.

• Shop fitness machines at John Lewis

It is recommended to always check delivery times and T&Cs, at least until the lockdown is lifted. Some stores has introduced minimum order values and delivery dates can be as far as June. Avoid disappointment and read the small print before you hit the "Buy now" button.

Best treadmill deals

Schwinn 510T Folding Treadmill | On sale for £999 | Was £1,399 | You save £400 at Fitness Superstore
Back in stock! Schwinn is renowned for its cardio machines so you can't really go wrong with the 510T Folding Treadmill. Despite the space-saver design, the Schwinn 510T sports a 2.6 CHP motor that can deliver a top speed of 16 kph, with inclines of up to 10%. In order to reduce impact to your joints, the Schwinn 510T features a SoftTrack Cushioning System and boasts a generous 508mm x 1397mm running belt as well.View Deal

JKFitness AeroHike 335 Incline Trainer | Sale price £1,199 | Was £1,999 | You save £800 at Fitness Superstore
The special 3-in-1 design of this treadmill combines the benefits of walking, hiking and running, all in one one indoor fitness machine. The AeroHike 335 Incline Treadmill comes with 40 gradient levels for a workout that – according to JKFitness – can "burn up to 1413 calories per hour more than a standard flat treadmill". If you are after some weight loss gains, the AeroHike 335 Incline Treadmill might just help you lose weight faster.View Deal

Best exercise bike and elliptical trainer deals

Reebok Jet 100 Cross Trainer in White | Buy it for £449.99 at
Hey, this Reebok elliptical trainer is probably not the most robust piece of home gym equipment but it is cheap at least. It has a large 9-kilo flywheel and 32 levels of resistance to choose from, providing more than enough variety for most home gym users. The Jet 100 even has a 5" LCD display which is not too big compared to your average iPhone screen size but it's something. 120 kg maximum user weight. Setup dimensions: 169 (H) x 63 (W) x 144 (L).View Deal

Schwinn 570U Upright Cycle | On sale for £499 | Was £675 | You save £176 at Fitness Superstore
A budget Sccwinn exercise bike, the 570U Upright Cycle features 29 programmes, heart rate monitoring, Schwinn DualTrack displays and 25 resistance levels. That is a lot for £499. Given it's a Schwinn product, the quality is probably alright too.View Deal

NordicTrack E8.2 Elliptical Trainer | On sale for £699 | Was £849 | You save £150 at Fitness Superstore
This NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer comes with a 5" coloured display, Silent Magnetic Resistance technology and 20 resistance levels to provide a full body workout in your home gym. Included in the price is 12 Month iFIT Membership, with which you can access a library of workouts to really get the most out of the E8.2. Automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps, compete with your friends and custom-tailor your training to your specific goals.View Deal

Bowflex MAX Trainer M8 | Sale price £1,999 | Was £2,999 | You save £1,000 at The Fitness Superstore
Good news: buying the Bowflex MAX Triner M8 qualifies for free delivery. Better still, this elliptical trainer is made by one of the most trusted brands in the industry and also, you can buy it for a £1,000 less now. Bad news: even with the discount, it still costs a pretty penny, but on the upside, there are finance options available on it and come to think of it, you are spending money on your health and well-being, so there is that.View Deal

Best rowing machine deals

FluidRower Apollo V Fluid Rower | On sale for £945 | Was £1,425 | You save £480 at Fitness Superstore
Similar to the excellent WaterRower Natural Series, the FluidRower Apollo V Fluid Rower uses water as resistance: the harder you row, the more resistance it provides. The Apollo V comes with an improved LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity to integrate with rowing and fitness apps and auto-level adjust with inbuilt potentiometer that changes the level shown on the monitor according to the selector dial level. Can be stored upright when not in use.View Deal

Octane Ro Indoor Rowing Machine | Sale price £1,695 | Was £1,995 | You save £300 at The Fitness Superstore
What an absolute unit! The self-powered Octane Ro uses a combined fan and magnetic brake resistance system with 10 resistance levels to accommodate everything from leisurely rows to gruelling HIIT sessions. To Ro has an oversized backlit LCD console for real-time performance feedback and includes metrics like strokes per minute, watts, distance, time, calories and heart rate. The Octane Ro is designed to be space efficient: just tip it over and store it upright when not in use.View Deal

Other notable fitness machine deals