Massive Under Armour sale: get your gym wardrobe sorted on the cheap with up to 59% off

There is a huge array of discounted Under Armour deals to be had at Amazon today

Under Armour deals


One of America's top performance wear brands, Under Armour is now regularly seen in UK gyms and on top UK sportsmen and women. Little wonder: its clothing is well made for a lifetime of sweat and abuse, and looks very sharp, particularly if your physique is well shaped.

Today, Under Armour's store at Amazon is having a massive clear out sale. So if you're contemplating hitting the gym in the new year, today could be a good day to stock up. There are deals on men's and women's clothing, accessories, bags, but not footwear. You can't just peruse it at your athleisure, however, because at least in theory, this is for today only – although the nature of Amazon's sales techniques mean it's hard to know for sure if there will still be Under Armour deals tomorrow.

Under Armour Apparel up to 59% off | Today only

Ordinarily, here we'd try to list some option but the selection of Under Armour garments on sale is so huge, and the options so numerous that you're best off browsing. As such, we've linked here to the whole list of deals.

There's everything from 59% off a pair of men's leggings to 39% off a 'unisex duffel bag' in royal blue and graphite.

What makes it a bit of a head scratcher is that any given Under Armour item comes in a wide range of colours and sizes, and the sales prices apply only to certain combinations. If you've ever shopped for sportswear at Amazon, this is a situation you will be all too familiar with. 

The good news is that Under Armour specialises in very wearable, sharp performance wear so you are likely to find something to suit at a reduced price today – it's just you may need to do some digging. View Deal

Fetching strides

If you're wondering what the biggest discount to be had is, it's £41.90 (59%) off this fetching black sweat pant/tracksuit trouser, which is reduced to £28.50.

It's got reflective detailing, four-way stretch fabric and is water resistant but breathable. It could be just the thing for a run on a wet night, as you try to recover to a non-whale-size, after Christmas. A cheery thought, to be sure.

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