This tennis smartband keeps score, and other crowdfunded wearables worth backing

What do you mean you're winning?

Forget Silicon Valley, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the cradles of innovation, especially when it comes to wearables. Here are some of the latest and greatest that we would happily back.

Pulse Play

This smartband can keep score while you play sports like tennis or badminton – just press it to say who won the point, and it'll relay the score to both your and your opponent's wristband. It can read out the score in a variety of voices, including Homer Simpson and Elvis. That won't be funny for long if you're losing. It also records your match history on an app on your smartphone, and gives you a ranking based on your performance. And you can connect with new opponents in your local area and all around the world. If only it could say if your shot was in or not as well.

Indiegogo | Raised $54,200 of a $75,000 target | 21 days to go


The first smartwatch for swimmers lets you know how you're doing by buzzing, so you don't have to keep glancing at it. It'll keep you in the optimum heart rate zone, so you're not going too leisurely, but won't burn out either. It does this through a series of beeps – one style to tell you to slow down, another to speed up. It syncs to your iPhone or Android device using an app, and gives you feedback on your workout i.e. how many lengths you did, calories burned, your heart rate, pace and how long you swam for. With runners getting all the smartwatch love at the moment, it's good to see one dedicated for swimmers.

Kickstarter | Raised $111,531 of a $39,000 target | 12 days to go

Soundbrenner Pulse

This smartwatch features a metronome, and instead of making an annoying sound, it buzzes, so you can stay in time. You won't miss its buzzes either – they're six times more powerful than those on your smartphone. You can program your own rhythm into it, and it syncs with all the major music programs like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools and more. You can wear it on your wrist or your ankle, depending on your preference and which instrument you play, and it looks pretty stylish too. Don't go on tour without it.

Indiegogo | Raised $96,482 of a $75,000 target | 24 days to go