The best Sony RX100 III Black Friday Deals

Don't miss your chance to snap up a great deal on the Sony RX100 III this Black Friday

Sony RX100 III Black Friday deals
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It's Black Friday, so the chances are you're here because you're looking not only for a great camera, but a great camera at a great price. And the truth is, whilst newest might be best, the 2014 RX100 III is still a worthy contender to be your next compact camera. 

With every new iteration of its RX100 range, Sony ups its game adding new features and improving specs. We think the RX100 VI is the best compact camera you can buy, but it's also pretty pricey. And the just-released RX100 VII, well... you can guess.

If we're right, and you're after a good camera at an even better price, you're going to want to check out the below Black Friday deals on the Sony RX100 III.

The RX100 series is renowned for taking excellent photographs and shooting excellent video, at incredible speed. 

But why consider buying the third model in the series? The honest answer is it lacks many of the features of the later versions, and so you'll be able to get it a lot cheaper - especially on Black Friday.

The important thing to note is that despite being five years old, the camera still comes with a 20.1MP sensor, but it is a back-illuminated sensor, rather than the stacked sensor found in models IV onward. 

The RX100 III has the same lens zoom as models IV and V, with only the T3 platinum-award winning RX100 VI getting the 24-200mm (equivalent) lens in place of the standard 24-70mm (equivalent).

The biggest difference between the III and the later models is that it only films in full HD (1080p), not 4K. If this isn't a deal-breaker for you then don't hesitate: make the most of these Sony RX100 III Black Friday offers. 

The best Sony RX100 III Black Friday deals

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