The best sports apps for iOS and Android

Stay up to date on the move

If you're seriously into your sports, then you know that it's important to stay on top of as many live scores as possible - and there are a pile of apps available that can do just that. Wherever you are, you don't need to miss a goal, touchdown, boundary or winning serve.

On top of apps for getting live scores fast, we've also added picks for finding pubs showing events, and for managing your own teams, if you're a player as well as a spectator. If you want to get along to matches as well, then we've got an app that's perfect for that too.


There are a host of apps out there that will feed beam live scores straight to your mobile device, but few of them get the formula quite as right as the aptly named LiveScore does. It's fast, it's slick, and it lets you get to the scores you crave as quickly as humanly possible.

Based on a live scores website that's been around for close to 20 years, the app covers scores and leagues for football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and cricket. As well as being comprehensively, it's refreshingly lightweight, speedy to load, and easy on the eye.

LiveScore (free) for Android and iOS

BBC Sport

Few news organisations or broadcasters do sports as well as the BBC does, and its official sport app is packed to the brim with all the statistics, scores, news and features you could need. It's also one of the most far-reaching in terms of all the different sports it covers.

Fire up the app and you can quickly navigate to your sport or team of choice, or check out the latest headlines. The app also includes live video coverage and edited highlights for those in the UK, a link to the Radio 5 Live feed, and a guide to upcoming live events.

BBC Sport (free) for Android and iOS

Sky Sports

An obvious choice, admittedly, but one we can't really leave out of this list: the Sky Sports app gives you a plethora of sporting news, results, fixtures and tables, and if you're an actual subscriber to the satellite channel you can watch live video and highlights too.

Alternatively, you can pay a few pounds a month to watch exclusive video content even if you aren't a Sky subscriber, and the broadcaster does have access to a lot of sports events. For extra personalisation, you can set your favourite teams from inside the app.

Sky Sports (free) for Android and iOS


The big game's on - somewhere - but you're stuck in a strange city or a quiet little village with no idea about the best place to watch it. Enter MatchPint, which will help you find a watering hole that's showing the game so you and your mates don't miss the action.

Most major sports are covered and to top it all off you can pick up some food and drink deals with certain pubs, if they've partnered with MatchPint. It's a much easier way of finding sports-friendly bars than wandering around town and peering through windows.

MatchPint (free) for Android and iOS


In terms of raw sporting statistical data, 365Scores is difficult to beat. The app covers a host of different leagues in a host of different sports, and as well as being one of the most complete apps in terms of coverage, it's also one of the fastest in terms of updating scores.

We also like the in-game views, which offer all the details and updates you need in a clever and clear interface that's the next best thing to watching a match live. Once you've got the app personalised to show your favourite sports and team, it's even more impressive.

365Scores (free) for Android and iOS


If you participate in sports as well as watching them, then Teamer could be for you: the app gives you everything you need to organise your squad or to stay in touch with what's happening, so you can see fixtures and locations, share your availability, and more.

Everyone can keep in touch through the app, just in case you've got a late fitness test, and there's a place to share photos with your teammates too. The app essentially replaces all those instant messenger threads your team has got going with something more intuitive.

Teamer (free) for Android and iOS


Wanting to go to the game? Or give your ticket up as you can no longer make it? In both cases (and several more) StubHub has you covered, acting as a ticket buying and selling hub for all kinds of events, including sports matches, music gigs, and comedy shows.

Obviously not every sporting venue and team has a deal with StubHub but the coverage is still pretty impressive. You can check out the views of the pitch from a particular seat before buying, and in some cases get into the event with an e-ticket shown on your phone.

StubHub (free) for Android and iOS