The best iRobot Roomba Cyber Monday deals of the day

iRobot's Roomba smart vacuum cleaners have big discounts over the Cyber Monday deals period

iRobot Roomba Cyber Monday deals
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Smart vacuums are all the rage at the moment but there was one company that kickstarted the trend: iRobot and its Roomba, the vacuum you most likely picture when you think of an autonomous dirt-remover methodically working around the house. And with Cyber Monday deals now upon us, there are some very good Roomba discounts to be had.

iRobot has been careful to stay ahead of the pack with its Roomba line, quickly introducing new features and capabilities with each generation. The models on offer now – from the relatively cheap 600 series to the top-tier S Series – include precision tracking technology, letting the vacuum map almost any surface and terrain, and powerful suction for hoovering up all dirt and debris. 

If you live a busy life and don't have time to regularly vacuum, getting a Roomba will make life a whole lot easier, as everyone at T3 can attest.

The Roomba smartphone app is great, too, letting you take control of your vacuum. The higher-end versions come with a charging base that the Roomba will seek out when it's running low, before recharging and heading back into the fray. A home robot that is truly designed to be helpful.

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