The best Google Nest Wifi mesh router Black Friday deals

Google's Nest Wifi is one of the best mesh routers on the market. Don't miss these Black Friday deals

Google Nest Wifi Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Google)

Having bad WiFi is, let's face it, one of the most infuriating experiences, especially as many of us move to working from home. Black Friday 2020 might be a good time to change that, offering discounts on Google's Nest Wifi mesh router system alongside brand new gadgets, fashion, fitness, toys, and more.

If you're unfamiliar, a "mesh" WiFi system works kind of how you'd imagine: multiple hubs throughout your home combine into one big hub, reaching the places deep in your house or flat that otherwise would get terrible speeds. Most mesh systems can be integrated into your existing WiFi setup without too much hassle.

Google's Nest Wifi works in this way and does a few cool things besides, offering a smart way to manage your network that keeps buffering to a minimum, automatically installs security and software updates, and optimises your network to get the fastest speeds wherever you are. 

On top of the standard Nest Wifi router, you can also buy a "point", which works as a smart speaker with Google's Assistant alongside boosting your internet speeds, a fantastic two-for-one deal. A single router will cover 120 sq. meters; a router + point covers 210 sq. m.; and one router + two points covers up to 300 sq. m.