The best Amazon Smart Plug Black Friday deals of the day

A quick and simple way to smart-ify your home at cheap Black Friday deals prices

Amazon Smart Plug Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Amazon)

We hear a lot about smart homes these days and for good reason: adding 'smart' elements to your house can substantially improve your life, or at least the ease of which things happen. Lights turn on and off automatically, your thermostat can be controlled from an app, and so on. One quick change is smart plugs and Amazon's Smart Plug is one of the best going, with even better Black Friday deals.

Amazon's offering is tied to its Certified for Humans program, which offers "struggle-free, tinker-free and stress-free" accessories that are, quite literally, plug-and-play. This means that when you get it out the box and plug it in, there isn't much else to do.

But what are the benefits? The most obvious is the ability, through Alexa, to schedule when the plug is on and off, thus scheduling when appliances – your kettle, for example, or your hallway light – are on or off. You can then control them remotely.

Alexa is the glue here, offering a simple way to control how things work in your house. Simply ask Alexa to switch off the lights and the Smart Plug will do the work. No fancy smart light bulbs necessary.