The best Amazon Echo Show 5 Cyber Monday deals of the day

Amazon Echo Show 5 is the perfect smart home device, especially with these Cyber Monday deals

Amazon Echo Show 5 Cyber Monday deals
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Amazon's Echo Show range are some of the stranger or most compelling smart home devices, depending on your perspective on it. In our opinion, they're incredibly nifty and useful, acting simultaneously as a video chatting tool, smart picture frame, and simple bedside clock. And to make things sweeter, Amazon is offering some great Cyber Monday deals.

The basic premise behind the Echo Show 5 is simple: a 5.5-inch display and Alexa, Amazon's smart assistant, powering the whole shebang. You can do a wide variety of things, like video calling, that aren't available on Amazon's other smart speaker variants. The built-in speakers aren't even half bad.

The crucial thing about Amazon's smart devices is that Alexa keeps getting better and better over time, both through Amazon's own updates – like adding improved sound detection, like a baby's cry – and through third-party developers that build apps, or "skills" in Amazonese, that add functionality.

If you're looking for a good way to tie all of your various smart home elements together, from the lights to the thermostat to the door lock, then the Echo Show 5 is definitely not a bad place to start.

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