The best 23andMe Black Friday deals of the day

Find out your ancestry and traits with 23andMe's DNA testing kits, discounted with Black Friday deals

23andMe DNA testing kit Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: 23andMe)

Knowing your heritage can be important for any number of reasons and it's never been easier with 23andMe's testing kits, which are super simple to use and get results in no time. Plus, with Black Friday deals upon us, there are loads of great discounts to be had.

The premise behind 23andMe's service is simple: send off the testing kit, register on their website, and you'll get a detailed breakdown of your ancestry, traits, and loads of other information when it's available. It's literally that simple, with no scary T&Cs. 

The data on offer includes detailed ancestry dating back to Neanderthals, down to around 0.1%, and from over 2,000 other locations. You can also opt-in to find out others who share your ancestry and explore specific traits that you likely have. If you're interested in knowing about your past, 23andMe has you covered.

So, if you've been interested in finding out your ancestry but haven't quite got around to it, or want to buy a testing kit for someone as gift, 23andMe's Black Friday deals are a good place to start.