T3 Agenda: Christopher Ward's slick new C7 Rapide collection. Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series speakers. And more!

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In today's T3 Agenda - Christopher Ward's new collection of six C7 Rapide watches; Bowers & Wilkins keep the sound levels high with the 700 Series of speakers; and more...

Add some style and substance to your wrist with Christopher Ward's C7 Rapide collection

Watchmaker Christopher Ward continues its connection to the world of petrol-based racing with the launch of the motorsport-inspired C7 Rapide collection.

Comprising of six new timepieces, the collection consists of unique, eye-catching models, perfect for the motorsport enthusiasts. This is also the first collection which uses company's twin-flags logo – two crosses built of blocks, representing their dual Anglo-Swiss heritage – on each watch face, without the usual accompanying 'Christopher Ward' logotype.

Four of these time pieces will be permanent fixtures in the range - the Quartz; Chronograph Quartz; Automatic, and Chronograph Automatic; plus two limited editions, the Day Date COSC and Chronograph COSC. Prices will range from £395 to £1,560 (opens in new tab), reflecting the specification and movements contained within.

Bowers & Wilkins brings the noise with its Series 700 loudspeakers

Taking plenty of cues from its 800 Series Diamond range, Bowers & Wilkins has come along with the 700 Series, a brand new collection of loudspeakers that deliver style and powerful sound.

All-new tech comes in the shape of the Carbon Dome tweeter, which delivers a sweeter, cleaner high-frequency performance even further up the audible bandwidth than the previous Aluminium Double Dome tweeters, and is the best-performing ‘non-Diamond’ tweeter that Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced. There's also the Continuum mid-range driver, which reveals details in your music conventional cone materials simply can’t uncover.

The range starts as low as £399 for FS-700 S2 and goes all the way up to £3,298 for the 702 S2. Each set is sold as a pair and can be ordered today (opens in new tab).

Keep wine fresh for longer with the Coravin Screw Cap

Coravin has just announced the release of a brand new screw cap attachment, cryptically called the Coravin Screw Cap. This addition enables will lovers such as yourself to preserve your screw top bottles beyond the usual couple of days cut off period.

Quickly unscrew the bottle’s cap and replace it with a Coravin Screw Cap for an instant way to seal in that freshness. Coravin Screw Caps are available in two sizes (standard & large) to ensure compatibility with all bottle sizes, combining self-sealing silicone with the same premium cap liner, to create a tight seal that protects wine for up to three months. 

The caps can withstand up to 50 punctures making them reusable for around 10 bottles of wine. It comes in a pack of six for £29.95 and is available for Club Coravin members to buy at coravin.co.uk (opens in new tab) before general release on 15 September.

Netatmo adds Apple HomeKit to its Welcome and Presence security cams 

Hot on the heels of its new Smart Valves, Netatmo has announced its bringing Apple HomeKit connectivity to its Presence and Welcome security cameras. It'll enable you to control smart home devices and make them work together, right from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Presence and Welcome users can now ask Siri to show the area they want to monitor (“Hey Siri, show me the entrance”, "Hey Siri, show me the front garden") to see a live stream from the cameras. They can also activate, deactivate or modify Presence’s smart floodlight intensity just by using their voice (“Hey Siri, turn Presence’s light on”).

An automatic firmware update will enable Netatmo Security cameras to transition to HomeKit. This applies to all Presence and Welcome cameras, including the ones already purchased.

Sony debuts three brand new home cinema projectors at IFA 2017

Sony was busy at IFA 2017, including debuting three brand new home cinema projectors. The range - which includes the VPL-VW760ES, the VPL-VW360ES and the VPL-VW260ES - offers everything from high lumen counts to 4K and HDR support.

The VPL-VW760ES is a premium laser light source projector that produces stunning images, with its in-built 2,000 lumens light-source. Then there's the VPL-VW360ES, the next generation of the popular 320ES. This new model adds extra features to reproduce even more realistic images including an Advanced Iris for 200,000:1 dynamic contrast.

Finally, there's the VPL-VW260ES, Sony’s most cost-effective home-cinema projector yet. The 260ES offers immersive and authentic 4K HDR images while remaining cost effective. 

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