Sony PS5 hardware maker hypes new PlayStation's "special sauce"

"We're really excited about what the next generation PlayStation will do"

PS5 PlayStation 5

Loyal PlayStation gamers who felt winded by the recent report that the PS5 could be out-gunned hardware-wise by the Xbox Two, just got a very reassuring dispatch from the company making the core hardware for Sony's next console.

That's because, when speaking to CNBC's presenter Jim Cramer, CEO of AMD – the company making the PlayStation 5's CPU and GPU – Lisa Su said:

"What we have done with Sony is really architect something for their application, for their special sauce. It’s a great honor for us. We’re really excited about what the next generation PlayStation will do."

That "special sauce" could very well be the X-factor that the next PlayStation console, which is unofficially referred to right now as the PS5, needs to fend off an assault from the Xbox Scarlett program's flagship "Anaconda" console, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated will "set the benchmark for console gaming".

Indeed, thanks to PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny recently soft revealing the system, we now officially know that the console is coming loaded with some powerful, bespoke AMD gaming hardware. Hardware that includes an advanced 7nm Ryzen CPU that comes loaded with eight processing cores and a Zen 2 architecture, as well as a custom-built next-gen Navi GPU.

Together, these AMD-made components, along with a super-fast SSD that can load games up to or even over 18-times faster than on PS4, as well as a next-gen custom 3D audio chip, promise to deliver a truly stunning gaming experience for PlayStation gamers, with high-resolution 4K to 8K graphics and frame rates in advance of a butter-smooth 60fps.

Throw some secret sauce into the mix, too, and suddenly it seems even more likely that the PS5 will not just be a match for the Xbox Two, but potentially an even more potent gaming weapon that could go on to win the next-gen console war.

We're very excited. Hopefully Sony or AMD will reveal even more nuggets of juicy information about the next PlayStation very soon, as Microsoft looks set to steal the show at E3 2019 due to the Japanese maker's no-show, as well the absence of Nintendo Switch 2.

Via: GameSpot