SecretLab gaming chairs get EPIC Cyber Monday discounts

SecretLab's premium 2020 gaming chair series reduced right now for Cyber Monday

SecretLab best gaming chairs Cyber Monday
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You only have to take one look at T3's best gaming chairs guide to realise that SecretLab makes the absolute finest chairs for gaming in the world. Hyper-luxe 5-star products like the SecretLab Titan SoftWeave show this pedigree and, as such, are in T3's eyes the first gaming chairs any gamers should consider when looking for an upgrade.

And that's why SecretLab's Cyber Monday gaming chair sale is so welcome – it delivers large price cuts on the maker's very latest 2020 range. Yes, that's right, we're not talking old and dated clearance products here, SecretLab is offering its very latest and greatest gaming chairs with proper discounts for Cyber Monday.

What makes SecretLab gaming chairs so special? Only an unprecedented eye for detail and genuine investment by the company in serving gamers (and anyone who uses one of its seats) properly.

From the best-in-class packaging of each chair, which is done by hand and has a certificate to prove it, to the pictorial and super clear and easy to follow assembly instructions, through to the premium build quality and style, and onto the next-level features, SecretLab deliver a luxe gaming chair package.

We can't rate SecretLab gaming chairs higher, and the same is true of these deals, which make affording one of them far easier thanks to genuine price slashes on the firm's best chairs for gaming.

SecretLab Cyber Monday Gaming Chair Deals: US

Secretlab Omega gaming chair | Was: $419 | Now: $349 at SecretLab
The Secretlab Omega is a superb small-scale gaming chair that will be perfect for anyone up to 5'11" and under 240lbs. It can be finished in a wide-variety of upholstery options, too, and can be adjusted in a wide-variety of ways. Finished in Prime or SoftWeave upholstery this chair looks absolutely stunning.View Deal

Secretlab Titan gaming chair | Was: $459 | Now: $389 at SecretLab
The Secretlab Titan is suitable for anyone between 5'9" - 6'7" and at this stage is considered gaming chair royalty. The comfort, build quality and style delivered is off the chart, while its wide-variety of upholstery finishes second to none. Naturally, the chair is incredibly adjustable, too.View Deal

SecretLab Cyber Monday Gaming Chair Deals: UK

Secretlab Omega gaming chair | Was: £349 | Now: £298 at SecretLab
The Secretlab Omega is the perfect chair for anyone who weighs in at less that 17 stone and measures in under 5'11" in height. It's the smallest, most compact gaming chair SecretLab make, but that doesn't mean it lacks in the comfort, customisation, or upholstery options of the larger seats. It's also very customisable and adjustable.View Deal

SecretLab Titan gaming chair | Was: £399 | Now: £339 at SecretLab
If you are between 5'9" and 6'7" then you should forget about any other gaming chair on the market and kit a Titan out in Napa leather, SoftWeave or Prime upholstery now. This is the king of gaming chairs, and with its superb build quality and effortless style, means it sits well in any gaming setup or home office.View Deal

SecretLab Cyber Monday Gaming Chair Deals: Europe

Secretlab Omega gaming chair | Was: 419 | Now: 349 at SecretLab
The Secretlab Omega is the chair you buy if you have a compact frame, as it is designed for gamers who are up to 5'11". It's a wonderfully finished gaming accessory, though, and will soon become a cornerstone of your gaming room or home office. A wider range upholstery options are available.View Deal

SecretLab Titan gaming chair | Was: €459 | Now: €389 at SecretLab
The SecretLab Titan is, without beating about the bush, the best gaming chair in the world, and will be perfect for the vast majority of gamers. Pick you material finish and design, ring up a chair, and then enjoy decades of gaming please. The ultimate investment for any serious gamer.View Deal

For even more great SecretLab gaming chair Cyber Monday deals be sure to consult the pricing charts below. In addition, for even more great sales be sure to scope out the below bullet links, which take you directly to the top Cyber Monday sales and deals round-ups available today.

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