Save $200 on the LG CX 55-inch OLED TV in Amazon's Black Friday TV deals

The LG CX is the best TV for PS5, so make sure you grab this discounted price while stocks last!

Amazon OLED LG CX TV deal
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We know a lot of people will be waiting for the best Black Friday deals before picking up a TV, but if you want to beat the rush on one of the best OLED TVs, this LG CX deal is perfect – but Amazon is showing low stock, so don't 

• Buy LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Save $200| Now $1,396 at Amazon

The LG CX is one of the best TVs on the planet of any kind, packing in all of LG's most advanced screen and processing technology, but without costing too much money… and now it costs a little less! It's featuring a lot in the best Black Friday TV deals, as companies battle to get you to order from them.

In our full LG CX review, we said "The LG CX’s combination of exquisite pictures at a lower price make it LG’s most all-round irresistible OLED TV yet."

For movie lovers, it's the best TV in its price class, thanks to the way LG's processing and the deep contrast of OLED combine to create incredibly true-to-life pictures.

But we also rate the LG CX as the best gaming TV, thanks its support for every next-gen new feature supported by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, including the ability to display 4K video at 120fps, and Variable Refresh Rate, which means no more screen tearing when the framerate stutters, so things look smooth and clear at all times.

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The LG CX supports these features over every HDMI port – some rival TVs only have one port capable of handling the latest connectivity options. Basically, if you want the games we're most excited about, such as Horizon: Forbidden West, to look their best, this TV is T3's pick to do that.

LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Was $1,596 | Save $200 | Now $1,396 at Amazon
We rate this as the best TV on the planet under $2,000, and the best gaming TV bar none. The amazing HDR performance of OLED combines with LG's fantastic handling of detail and nuance in dark areas to produce something extraordinary. It also has one of the best smart TV platforms built into it, as well as key next-gen gaming connectivity options, meaning it's perfectly future-proofed.View Deal

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