Samsung soundbar deals – save up to 25% at Amazon! Black Friday has come early

Starting from under $150, all the way up to Dolby Atmos surround options

Samsung soundbar deal
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Soundbars are one of the most popular home upgrades for 2020, adding new levels of sound to your TV setup without the pain of filling your room with boxes and wires. The options range from small, inexpensive models that just boost your TV's audio with clearer, bigger speakers – all the way up to elaborate Dolby Atmos 3D surround setups. 

We expect to see lots of offers on them among the best Black Friday deals, and there's 25% off Samsung soundbars running this whole range at Amazon right now!

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Our pick of the bunch is the Samsung HW-T450, which is down to just $147.99 – it's a stereo soundbar, with a subwoofer for real punch in soundtracks and action movies. It's also ideal if you think you might want to upgrade later, because you can add a Wireless Surround Kit in the future that positions wireless speakers around the room for a real surround system.

It also has Bluetooth built in for optionally connecting to your TV, meaning no extra wired connections at all (the subwoofer is wireless too) – though you can just go with an HDMI-ARC connection, if you want to keep it simple.

Samsung HW-T450 2.1ch soundbar | Save 52% | Now $147.99 at Amazon US
This stereo soundbar and subwoofer system includes smart sound optimization based on the type of thing you're watching. It gives much richer and clearer audio than most TVs can manage alone, making speech more audible and adding width and fullness to everything else.View Deal

However, we haven't picked that one because the other stuff is bad, by any means – that one just has the juiciest discounts. As you go up the range, there are some powerful Dolby Atmos systems, capable of really impressive virtual surround and real height.

The Samsung HW-Q70T should be a hit for people who want movie-theater-like sound without taking over their room – it's a 3.1.2 system, which means it gives you big width for positional audio, depth from a subwoofer, and two upfiring speakers deliver real height for Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch  Soundbar with Dolby Atmos | Save $102 | Now $579.99 at Amazon US
Eight speakers deliver audio designed to feel as expansive as possible. It works with Dolby Atmos soundtracks, using HDMI eARC to deliver the highest-quality sound possible. And again, you can add a pair of wireless speakers later to upgrade it to a 5.1.2 system.View Deal

The really elite option here is the Samsung HW-Q950T, which is Samsung's biggest and badassest soundbar buy right now. In the box you get a (large) soundbar that replicates 7 surround channels just on its own, plus two rear speakers and a subwoofer. And the soundbar and rear speakers all have upfiring speakers, to create a true 'dome' of sound, which is the ultimate aim of Dolby Atmos. It's pretty much the best buy on the market for this – we've tried it. 

Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos | Save $200 | Now $1,397.99 at Amazon US
This aims to replicate a 9.1.4 surround system – basically the best of the best – from just four boxes, all wirelessly connected. There are 20(!) speaker drivers in total used here, bouncing sound around the room and balancing with each other for huge, dynamic punch that comes at you from all angle. It's the movie theater at home, now cheaper than ever.View Deal

Samsung HW-Q900T 7.1.2ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos | Save $202 | Now $1,097.99 at Amazon US
Like the idea of the above, but don't want to screw around with speakers behind you? This is just the soundbar and subwoofer portion, using its 16 speakers to still create the effect of virtual 7.1.2 surround, including real upfiring drivers. It's a close to surround as you can get without… well, more speakers filling up the room.View Deal

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