Samsung Galaxy S10e deal: Get a Galaxy S10e for just $15 a month at Verizon

Save over $200 with Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S10e deal - going on now through April 20th.

Save over $200 with's Samsung Galaxy S10e deal.
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Save over $200 with Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S10e deal —  $15/month plus activation fee waived when you open a new line at Verizon. Going on now through April 20th.

With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung fans may be itching to get one of Samsung's sleek new smart phones as quickly as possible. The price point might be a bit hard to swallow though, so if you're someone who doesn't mind not having the most recent Samsung smart phone you can save yourself some money at Verizon on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Exclusive to, you can pick up a new Samsung Galaxy S10e for just $15 a month when you open a new line with Verizon. To put the total savings into perspective, that's over $200 off the original price from Verizon. This deal is exclusive to and is not available in stores, so be sure to check it out before April 20th! 

As an added bonus, you can also sign yourself up with Verizon Unlimited and receive a $150 prepaid Mastercard. So not only will you save yourself over $200 on a new Samsung Galaxy S10e, Verizon will kick you $150 when you sign up with their Verizon Unlimited plan — which I would recommend, as it does provide the best data plan usage rates that Verizon offers.

Get a Samsung Galaxy S10e for only $15/month — Only at (Offer ends April 20th)
Looking to get one of Samsung's best smart phones at a great price? Going on now until April 20th, you can get a new Samsung Galaxy S10e for just $15/month when you open a new line. That's a savings of over $200 on a new Galaxy S10e if you switch to Verizon. View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10e Highlights

  • 5.8" Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display (2280x1080) - 438 ppi
  • Front Camera: 10MP Selfie w/ Live Focus
  • Rear Camera(s): 12MP Wide-Angle + 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle
  • 24-Hour Intelligent Battery
  • Wireless PowerShare (wirelessly charge OTHER wireless phones!)
  • Wireless Charging 2.0 (even faster wireless charging)

Samsung Galaxy S10e Overview

Released in March, 2019, the Galaxy S10e comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from Samsung's leading line of smart phones.

With an excellent built-in high-resolution camera and crystal clear "Infinite Display", the Galaxy S10e is definitely geared towards photographers and users with a knack for taking great pictures. The Galaxy S10e also features the same selfie camera, 12MP wide-angle camera, and 16MP ultra-wide camera found on the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 5G models, so you aren't sacrificing on the camera quality. 

While the Galaxy S10e has a slightly smaller screen in comparison to the S10 (5.8 inches to the S10's 6.1 inches), you honestly won't notice a difference in clarity or fidelity when viewing your screen. The S10e features a Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display with 2280x1080 resolution, which for the not-so-technically-savvy just means the display is high definition.

You may see the "e" on Samsung Galaxy S10e as an indicator that it's not a real S10, but don't be fooled here. The screen size may be smaller, but the power and performance are not.

Be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S10e review, where our reviewer gave the S10e a stellar rating, stating "Samsung's pocket superstar impresses in almost every way".