Samsung Galaxy S10 price reveals what an immense Galaxy S9 deal this really is

As the pricing for the next Galaxy phone leaks online, there's never been a better time to buy the current flagship

Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal

Earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy S10 prices leaked online. And they weren't a pretty sight for anyone who was hoping the South Korean technology company wouldn't significantly increase the price compared to the flagship launched this year.

The leak came courtesy of our good friends over at Gizmodo who were approached by "a major tech retailer" who has spilled the beans. According to the leak, the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will start from £799.

For comparison, the entry-level Galaxy S8 was released with a price tag of £639 ($725), while the Samsung Galaxy S9 sold for £739 ($720) at launch. That's quite a step-up – and it doesn't end there.

The maxed-out Galaxy S10 Plus, which is widely-tipped to have a 6.4-inch edge-to-edge display, as well as a 1TB of inbuilt storage, will hit £1,399. That's a new high for Samsung – topping the £1,099 price tag of the flagship Galaxy Note 9.

To help combat these rising prices, Samsung will purportedly debut a new entry-level Galaxy S10 without the dual-curved Infinity-O design mooted for the pricier models.

Regardless of these measures, the Samsung Galaxy S10 pricing really just highlights how amazing the latest Galaxy S9 deals truly are. Despite the fact that a new Galaxy S handset is on the horizon, there is still alot to like about the current flagship.

In our Galaxy S9 review, T3 praised the flagship handset for its party-piece adjustable-aperture camera system, eye-popping Super AMOLED Infinity Display, premium design, and embrace of the best Android features – including expandable storage via microSD.

Believe it or not, you can now pick-up a Samsung Galaxy S9 with two years' worth of minutes, text messages and 4G mobile data for under £500. That's £300 less than the price of the Galaxy S10 handset alone.

This jaw-droppingly good deal comes courtesy of a cashback deal direct from Samsung and tumbling tariffs from For just £40 upfront (when you use discount voucher code 10OFF) and £23 per month you can get the Galaxy S9 with unlimited texts, 1,000 minutes, and 3GB of 4G mobile data on O2.

That's already a pretty solid deal, but when you include the £100 cashback Samsung is handing out when you buy a new Galaxy S9 through select partners, it's nothing short of an absolute barnstorming bargain.

Samsung Galaxy S9 on O2 | £40 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 3GB data | Unlimited text messages, 1,000 calls | £23 a month
This is one of those rare deals on a flagship device that is too good not to upgrade your older handset. When you combine the latest cashback offer from Samsung, you get an effective monthly cost of £20.50 a month. That is ridiculously cheap, especially considering the upfront cost only amounts to £40. Total cost over 24 months is £492 (with 10OFF code and Samsung cashback)View Deal

If you're more in the mood for a little more mobile data, or would prefer to have your contract running on EE, has the perfect deal.

For £30 upfront (with T3's exclusive TECH20 discount code) and £28 a month you can get the Galaxy S9 with 9GB of 4G data on EE. And just like with the deal above you can drop that £100 cashback on top. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE | £30 upfront (with TECH20 code) | 9GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £28pm
All of the best S9 deals with more data seem to be on EE. And this one really is an all around cracker. Upfront costs of just £30 with our exclusive TECH20 code, monthly costs of £28 and 9GB of data. You really can't grumble at that. Total cost over 24 months is £602 (with 10OFF code and Samsung cashback)View Deal

How to claim your Samsung cashback

After you've bought your brand new S9. There are a few steps to take to claim the cashback. The first step is going to this link within 30 days of purchasing the device. That link will ask you for your IMEI number which you can easily find by dialling *#06# on the device.

Next, you give your details along with a scanned copy of the proof of purchase to Samsung. Finally, your cashback request will go through and, all being well, your money should arrive in the next 30 days. You do have to purchase your new device before December 24 to be eligible.

That's a lot of information condensed, so if you're still unsure on the details check our guide for a full explanation