PS5 restock going live TODAY at Walmart – here's when

Here's when today's Walmart PS5 restock is going live

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Walmart has confirmed that today, Friday 5 November, it is dropping its next PS5 restock.

On Walmart's US website right now, on the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition product pages it reads, "Score this online-only deal on Friday, Nov. 5, at 3PM ET".

Buy PS5 now at Walmart
Buy PS5 Digital Edition now at Walmart

This means that at 3PM ET today (that's 12PM PT) US gamers will be able to shop the latest PS5 restock from Walmart.

Walmart has been killing it recently in terms of the frequency of its PS5 restocks, with today's the third of this week alone.

Walmart PS5 restock live today @ 3PM ET

PS5 Disc Edition: $499 at Walmart

PS5 Disc Edition: $499 at Walmart
The full fat PS5 with disc drive is in stock today at 3PM ET at Walmart. This system is ideal for gamers who want to buy physical games and movies.

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 at Walmart

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 at Walmart
The digital only PS5, which has no disc drive, is in stock today at Walmart at 3PM ET. This system is perfect for gamers who aren't fussed about physical media.

The PS5 restock situation in the US has been really tough at many retailers over the past few months, with Best Buy and GameStop offering some consoles but major players like Amazon and Target really letting the side down.

That's left Walmart in the number one PS5 restock position, which is great apart from the fact that it has had one of the worst website experiences going. The early days of the online store going down, consoles being taken out of customer baskets and checkout failures are now largely over, but its last two restock events this week have not gone smoothly. Here's hoping, then, that Walmart sorts itself out this time around.

PS5 restock Walmart

The Walmart PS5 product page right now showing that stock will be available at 3PM ET today.

(Image credit: Walmart)

T3's top tips to get a Walmart PS5 restock console today

It's important to remember that Walmart drops its stock in mini waves, which happen every 10-15 minutes. As such, if you check the product page for a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition after 3PM ET today and it says out of stock, be sure to keep refreshing, as chances are it will then suddenly say in stock.

In addition, Walmart is also deploying in some circumstances an anti-bot security system where you have to "press and hold" a buy button to add a console to your trolley, so be sure to look out for that and not get confused.

Another thing we recommend gamers do right now is make a Walmart account if you haven't got one and make sure you are signed in for 3PM ET. Make sure your account has a valid address and card details added, too, as the last thing you want to do is have to do this during the stock drop as that time spent could cost you your console.

Oh, and lastly, we've heard reports from gamers who have successfully bought a PS5 at Walmart by adding the console to a shopping list. To do this, simply click the "add to list" button on the product page (it's near the image of the PS5).

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