PS5 pre-order signups are LIVE: GAME, Best Buy and more retailers launch PlayStation 5 registration

Could an official announcement be imminent?

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

PlayStation 5 is coming. That much is certain. After a slew of leaks and rumours, including its purported solid-state drive that will "transform" next generation gaming and its revolutionary controller, gamers can finally begin the long process of waiting for their shiny new consoles.

Our colleagues at GamesRadar report many retailers such as GAME in the UK, Best Buy in the US, Game Mania in the Netherlands and more have launched sign-up pages online, subscribing you to mailing lists that will update you on when the PS5 will be available to pre-order. 

It's an important first step on the road to the PS5: it signifies retailers have had information regarding the PS5 launch date. It's tentative "Holiday 2020" release is quite vague, but signup sheets could suggest retailers are privy to information we haven't yet received. Money has changed hands, retailers are committed and gamers have begun the year-long wait for the console.

On the production side, the wheels are already in motion. Dev kits are landing at developer's doors, spotted in the wild by Redditors hungry for news. Companies like Square Enix admitting its "hard at work" on a PS5 version of their existing MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, while BioWare has dropped a teaser trailer for a 2022 release of Dragon Age 4.

With so much movement on the project, we wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have to wait until E3 2020 for a PS5 announcement. PlayStation news site PushSquare is suggesting an "early 2020" reveal is possible, but be sure to check back with us for all the latest PS5 news, all in one place. 

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