PS5 pre-order leak – it's GREAT news for PlayStation gamers

This latest PS5 pre-order leak is music to our ears

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 price release date
(Image credit: Sony)

After months of concern that the Sony PS5 was going to be really rather hard to get hold of, it now looks like gamers shouldn't be too concerned.

Initially leaks showing that only 5-6 million PlayStation 5 consoles were going to be made and that gamers could struggle to ring up a system, and especially at launch, where PS5 pre-orders could drop at any second and swiftly be snapped up.

The concern behind how many consoles would be available was quashed last week, though, when Sony confirmed that it had decided to almost double production of its next-gen console in the financial year running up to the end of March 2021.

And now a new leak, as reported by PushSquare, has seemingly quashed gamers' concerns over pre-order difficulties, with an error code from the official PlayStation store page revealing some great news.


"SAPCommerceOCC_ERROR_addtocartrestrictionvalidation":{"errorType":"commerce-api-error","errorMessage":"You can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart.","errorSeverity":"High"}


As can be seen by the error message above, which was spotted originally by a member of ResetEra after they went digging around in website's JavaScript, only one PlayStation 5 console (be that disc or digital) can seemingly be pre-ordered by a single customer.

It therefore seems that Sony is at least trying to take a more responsible position here to help protect loyal PlayStation gamers and ensure that there is a console for everyone should they wish it.

New console launches are always tough for a company and making sure that gamers can pick up a console for RRP and not have to deal with online auction house scalpers - who past console launches have shown tend to buy up huge batches of new machines and then resell them at jacked up prices when official stock runs dry - is paramount.

These latest developments therefore are music to our ears here at T3. Yes, sure, other retailers may not operate a similar policy of restricting PS5 pre-order numbers per buyer, but the fact that Sony is (the source of the consoles) fills us with optimism that we will indeed be able to upgrade to the next-gen without impediment.

PS5 pre-orders are slated to be dropping imminently. We can taste those awesome PS5 games already.