PS5 PRICE LEAK: Sony and Microsoft square off over console costs

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are waiting as long as possible to reveal prices. Which will blink first?

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Now the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s “holiday release window” isn’t too far away, we know a surprising amount about both consoles. From the Xbox Series X’s information drops to the slow leak of details from the Sony camp, we’ve learned of each consoles’ innards, specs, controllers and quite a few launch games. However, one thing we’re none the wiser on for either unit is the price.

In the past, we’ve heard Microsoft is taking steps to avoid what happened in 2013, with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. Microsoft’s unit cost $499 in the US. But after Microsoft announced the price during E3, Sony announced the PS4 would cost $399 just one day later. 

The PS4 would go on to have an early lead, shifting 106 million units over the course of its lifetime. Microsoft’s Xbox One was successful, but could not overtake PS4 as the dominant console this generation. 

Games journalist Jeff Grubb first broke the news PS5 would be seeing a June 4 reveal, with a whole host of games being showcased alongside (hopefully) a glimpse of the new console. But don’t expect a price announcement: in a recent tweet, Grubb mentioned he wouldn’t expect a PS5 price until August. Check it out below.

The PS5 has had rumoured pricings all the way from nearly $900 to just under $400, but it makes sense to not want to reveal the price too soon: Microsoft is hovering over the PS5, looking to undercut it. 

The Xbox Series X team has a ”firmed up” price in mind with some flexibility, and some analysts believe Microsoft can afford to absorb lower profit margins, or even a loss, in order to become the dominant console this go-round. The PS5 and Xbox Series X teams seem determined to wait each other out, like a siege. 

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On the other hand, consoles need to be pre-ordered, and pre-orders need prices. The longer Sony and Microsoft waits, the shorter pre-order time becomes, the less time gamers have to preemptively buy in time for the holidays. With a potential shortage of consoles thanks to the global health crisis, a lengthy delay could be disastrous.

The announcement of pricing will put all the promises and new technology into context, and we can’t wait to see how much the eight console generation is going to cost. It looks like we’ll see both prices in August. 

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