Phone cash back deal! Act fast to get a $300 Sam's Club gift when you buy an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

The deal expires this weekend

iPhone X and Galaxy S10 deal
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If you're not already a member of Sam's Club, now's a perfect time to sign up. Right now, the retailer is offering a $300 gift card with purchases of select smartphones including the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone X series. 

The offer is open to members only and wraps up on Sunday, February 23, so you need to get a wriggle on if you want to partake. There are certain caveats, like the aforementioned membership which costs $45 annually

You'll also need to activate the handset of your choice on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint networks, which is somewhat limiting, but on the other hand, they're huge and well-known carriers, so that might not be too much of a problem for most of you. Be warned, if you're with AT&T and are looking for an upgrade, you won't qualify to get this deal online. 

Check out the details below:

Samsung Galaxy S10 | $300 Sam's Club gift card | AT&T | From $30 per month
The Galaxy S10 is Samsung's 2019 flagship phone and we gave it an impressive 5 stars in our review - the highest possible score. It has a fantastic screen, great performance, and amazing cameras, and that $300 gift card gives you back the equivalent of 10 months of line rental. What are you waiting for?View Deal

Apple iPhone X | $300 Sam's Club gift card | AT&T | From $30 per month
The iPhone X is another top pick for a smartphone, and also earned a 5 star rating in our review. It may be over a year old, but one of our cons against it was the price, which isn't much of an issue now that it's been out for a while. If you don't care about having the newest handset on the market, this is a great deal. Plus you get back 10 months line rental with that gift card! View Deal

There are also a number of smartphones on the site with a $150 dollar Sam's Club gift card promotion, which is still a solid amount of money to get back on your purchase. Other Samsung and iPhone models up for grabs as part of the deal include the Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11, if you fancy something newer. 

If gift cards aren't enough to entice you, check out our top picks for the best cheap phones around. You might see something you like! 

Source: CNET

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