New video shows off leaked iPhone 6 back housing

The gold casing reveals plenty about Apple's next handset

Apple's struggled to keep wraps on the upcoming iPhone 6 with yet another leak dropping hints about the upcoming blower.

A new leak video has been released showing off what looks to be the back casing for an iPhone 6, courtesy of tech-vlogger iCrackUriDevice.

The 5-minute clip puts the purported iPhone 6 housing side-by-side with the current iPhone 5S's shell, noting changes between the two devices.

"Today I'm excited to bring you a quick unboxing in-depth HD look in comparison between an all-new iPhone 6 leaked back housing component straight from Apple's supply chain, and the company's current flagship iphone 5S," says iCrackUriDevice.

The iPhone 6 appears to have undergone a number of aesthetic changes compared to the iPhone 5S, which falls in line with what we've seen so far.

"The most noticeable difference is the relocation of the the power and lock button to the side of the iPhone 6," explains the YouTuber.

We're guessing the change is likely thanks to the larger 4.7-in display, because stretching your digits to the iPhone 6's topside would be a strain had the buttons not been moved.

The video also reveals a cut-out logo like we saw earlier this month, with the vlogger noting 'a strangely shaped recess that hasn't existed on previous iPhone back housings."

Some speculate that Apple might opt for backlit logo that would light up to alert users to notifications. The recess would allow for an LED module to be fitted.

We also got a good look at the signal bands that appear to wrap around the top and bottom of the iPhone in a much more conspicuous way than before.

"The thick improved breaks or bands suggest the next generation iPhone will utilise more intensive signals," says iCrackUriDevice, who thinks the band change marks an upgrade in signal tech.

Check out the video below to see the full unboxing of the iPhone 6 back housing:

Via 9to5mac