Imminent PS5 event will reveal release date and price – mark your calendars!

New leak states August PS5 event will reveal the final pieces of the PlayStation 5 puzzle

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Sony and Microsoft have given us a look at their respective next-gen consoles, but while we've been given the rundown of the PS5 and Xbox Series X's specs, we're still waiting to hear when we can place pre-orders for the consoles, as well as news on the price. 

According to industry insiders, we can expect to hear more on that this month, from both Sony and Microsoft, and now we've got more details on Sony's plans and when it's going to tell fans how much the PS5 will cost.

Twitter leaker Tidux  has claimed that the next PlayStation event is going to include a console tear-down, information on backwards compatibility (which the PS5 is rumoured to have after all), details on exclusives, and - most importantly - the price and release date. 

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We've heard that Sony's next-gen strategy is going to rely heavily on platform and timed-exclusives, while Microsoft is investing in cloud gaming and cross-platform play instead. Recent whispers suggest the two companies are in a game of chicken when it comes to revealing the price of their hardware, but it seems that Sony has nailed down a window in late August/ early September, and may be the first to tip its hand.

Jeff Grubb has added his two pennies' worth to the conversation, saying that August is going to be all about Xbox:


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The Xbox Series S has been unofficially confirmed with the appearance of the new Xbox controller on social media; fans have been able to get hold of the peripheral and have been sharing pictures and video, including snaps of the packaging which clearly states its compatible with both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has yet to announce the Series S console, unlike Sony which has unveiled both the PS5 and its digital-only counterpart. 

While Grubb's tweet indicates that Microsoft will be sharing much-anticipated details, whether or not that includes the price of either of it consoles is unclear. We'll have to wait and see who steps up to the plate and reveals a price tag first. 

Source: BGR 

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