Hyperice has a Theragun rival: Hypervolt Plus will percussively massage your pain away

Say goodbye to all the muscle knots in your body thanks to this percussion massager

hyperice percussion massage tool advanced recovery
(Image credit: Hyperice)

Look! Is that a gun? Or maybe a funny looking hammer? No, it's Hyperice's new percussion massage device, the Hypervolt Plus. 30% more powerful than its predecessor, the Hypervolt Plus is aimed at fitness enthusiasts who, apart from having all the essentials in their arsenal already – like protein powder, dumbbells and a fitness tracker – are also keen on a quick and effective recovery.

Similar to the more aptly named Theragun but maybe missing out on some of its features, the Hypervolt Plus can increase range of motion, circulation and bloodflow, help relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness and can also accelerate warmup and recovery.

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Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyles we have and the lack of knowledge in proper stretching techniques, most of our muscles are tied up in knots which leads to discomfort the least, but can also result in joint and muscle pain as well as long term posture issues. This is especially a big issue if you are trying to exercise, which puts extra pressure on your already tense muscles. 

Devices like the Hypervolt Plus can help you work out more efficiently as well as help you enjoy the benefits of relaxed muscles. By frequently relieving your muscles, you can greatly enhance the range of motion of the different body parts, giving you more freedom and a better sense of well-being.

The Hypervolt Plus' black colour further distinguishes it from its predecessor

(Image credit: Hyperice)

The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus promises 30% more power - and therefore more recovery - than its predecessor the Hypervolt. The original Hypervolt was introduced in 2018, but Hyperice didn't sit on their laurels and already rolled out an updated version, only a year on.

Weighing only 3 pounds (or 1.13 kilograms, depending on your imperial/metric preference), the Hypervolt Plus is light and portable enough so you can carry it in your gym bag or backpack without an issue. The rechargeable batteries can last over two hours, giving you enough time for a proper full-body massage experience.

The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is available on to preorder on Hyperice's official website (shipping commences in mid-August)