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Future offers digital personal training & custom workout plans

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The personal training and fitness app, Future Fit, is offering a special deal this month that drops your first month down to just $19. An all-around excellent fitness app for those in need of a personal trainer at home or in the gym, this is the most affordable personal training out there, especially when you consider that one in-person training session usually costs $100 an hour.

Designed to make your workouts as productive as possible, the Future Fit app is an all-in-one training app that connects you with real trainers from across the world. These trainers work with you personally to design a workout plan, assist with dietary advice, keep you accountable for workouts and more.

Future Fit App – $19 for the first month
Sign up today for the Future Fit app and get the first month for just $19. A full-service workout plan and system, Future Fit connects you with real trainers around the world to build personalized workout plans weekly.View Deal

This special introductory price makes it much easier to take the plunge and get your health on track with Future Fit. With experts and professionals available for everything from yoga to cardio workouts, strength training and more, the Future Fit app at this price is quite a bargain.

For those unfamiliar with Future Fit, it features a simple four step plan to help you get the most out of your workout journey. First, Future will help you find the right coach to set you up for success. The great part is if you feel the coach you've been assigned isn't the best for you, there's no commitments so you can switch to someone else at any time.

Next, the coach you selected creates a complete training plan based around your life and needs. From the goals you set for yourself to the time you have available each week, your coach determines a workout plan and schedule that works best for you. Along with that, Future will actually send you an Apple Watch so you and your coach can track your progress. They'll charge a $199 refundable deposit which gets returned to you once you send it back, though.

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