Get a cheap Sony 4K TV for $598 in Walmart's Black Friday TV deals

Save up to $800 on Sony 4K TVs in these killer Walmart Black Friday TV deals

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Black Friday TV deals have arrived. It really doesn't seem to matter that we're only at the start of November and that's especially true when it comes to Walmart's Black Friday TV deals. Reductions across the Sony 4K Bravia 800H Series means that whatever size of TV you're looking for, there's a cheap Sony 4K TV here for you. 

First off, the 55-inch Sony 4K Bravia 800H Series has been reduced from $999.95 to $598. Go a little bigger and the 65-inch Sony 4K Bravia 800H Series has been reduced from $1199.99 down to $798 and finally, if you're looking for a screen instead of having to repaint a wall, the 75-inch Sony 4K Bravia 800H series is down from $1799.99 to $998. That's an incredible reduction for a colossal size of 4K screen. And these are this year's models too, so there's no lack of functionality. 

No matter which size of screen you go for, the Sony Bravia 800H Series makes the most of Sony's proprietary 4K processor known as X1. This means that whether you're watching native 4K content on Netflix or upscaled viewing from other streaming platforms, the LED screen optimises the the picture and also makes the most of Sony's excellent HDR functionality. There's also Dolby Atmos support to make sure it sounds as good as it looks. 

• Sony 55-inch 800H Series Bravia 4K TV | was $999.95 | now $598
• Sony 65-inch 800H Series Bravia 4K TV | was $1199.99 | now $798
• Sony 75-inch 800H Series Bravia 4K TV | was $1799.99 | now $998

The Bravia 800H Series also makes the most of a dedicated Game Mode for low lag console gaming but it's worth pointing out that if you have already organised your PS5 pre-order or Xbox Series X pre-order, you'll want a screen with HDMI 2.1 functionality to unlock all their extra features. Check out our best gaming TVs for the pick of the new-gen friendly bunch. 

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If you're just hungry for a brilliant TV though, this particular Bravia is a perfect combination of functionality and price. The 800H Series comes with Google Assistant functionality and, as well as the usual streaming services, has the much-coveted Apple TV+ app. Another benefit for Apple users is the AirPlay 2 compatibility to make sure you can always stream your content from iPhone or Mac. 


Sony Bravia 800H 55-inch TV | Was $999.95 | Now $598 | Save $400 at Walmart
The Sony Bravia 800H Series is an impressive combination of price and great functionality for a 2020 TV. Sony's proprietary X1 processor is brilliant for upscaling as well as delivering exceptional 4K visuals, and the suite of smart apps means you're never going to be short of anything to watch in ultra high definition. At less than $600, this is a seriously competitive early Black Friday TV deal. 

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