Family board games are half price TODAY ONLY in Amazon's Black Friday deals!

Some of the best modern board games are now super-cheap – from $10 for excellent games for the whole family!

Board games deals Black Friday
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In perfect timing ahead of Thanksgiving, one of today's best Amazon Black Friday deals is up to 50% off a huge range of the best board games – and there's some really fun stuff in here for really low prices. But this deals are today only – the offers end at 11.59pm PT, November 17th 2020.

We're talking clever and inventive modern board games rather than old stuff you've played a million times (and that isn't, let's face it, as much fun as you'd hope). These range in size from small ingenious card games to big games that spread over the table.

See the full range of family board games deals with up to 50% off at Amazon

There's a really broad range of games available here, so we're going to talk you through some of our biggest recommendations quickly:

Exit: The Game – The Sunken Treasure | Now $9.09 (save 39%) | There are loads of different versions of the 'Exit' games in the offer. They're basically escape rooms in a mini box, and are design to last a few hours for a group puzzling their way through together.

Photosynthesis | Now $23.75 (save 47%) | This is our number two ranked game of everything available on the market right now, and it's SO CHEAP! It's a game of building your own trees in a shared forest, and it a) looks absolutely beautiful and b) is easy to learn, because all the rules follow real-world logic. Trees need light to grow, shadows block light – you already understand half the game if you know that! Its expansion is on offer, too!

Kingdomino | Now $12.79 (save 36%) | One of the big family gaming hits of recent years! The name tells you what's happening here: build you own personal kingdom using domino-like tiles. You can to match types of terrain to grow your lands and gain points. Again, you can grab the expansion on offer, too.

Gloomhaven | Now $85 (save 39%) | This is a deep, involved, tactical game of battling together through dungeon locations. A lot of people rate it as one of the best releases in years – it's so clever and compelling to play. It's damn expensive, because it comes with lots of miniatures and tiles to build locations – but this makes it much more reasonable!

Meeple Land | Now $27.99 (save 30%) | This new game is all about building your own theme park by placing tiles with various rides – but make sure their paths match up! Then you'll attract visitors to your park, and will need to put them onto the right kinds of ride. The park with the best reputation wins! It's really simple to play, but offers endless possibilities for how to tackle it. It's great-looking too, and who can resist this theme?

Forbidden Sky | Now $11.75 (save 41%) | Work together to power the rocket you need to save everyone! It's a short, sharp survival game – there lots of replayability, but it doesn't outstay its welcome. It was a great price originally, so when it's this cheap, it's a slam dunk.

These are just some of the games that stood out to us, but there are loads more!

Save up to 50% on family board games at Amazon
There are so many excellent games with huge discounts here! Exit: The Game, Photosynthesis, Kingdomino, Gloomhaven, Forbidden Sky (and Forbidden Island), Meeple Land, Saboteur, Decrypto, The Crew, Lots Cities and tons more. Get a handful for fun throughout the holiday season! But these deals end at 11.59pm PT on November 17th 2020.View Deal

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