Best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: SIM free and contract deals

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals, be that on the S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra, all in one place

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals
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Here we're rounding up the very best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S20 range of phones has now been officially unveiled at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 and, as such, retailers have dropped their selection of launch offers. We have the best SIM free and contract pre-order S20 deals right here.

Excitingly, for anyone who has been holding out to upgrade to one of the new S20 phones, which are the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, Samsung itself is even getting in on the hot deals action, offering an official pre-order deal on any new S20 purchase during the range's launch period. The official pre-order period for the S20 range is February 11th to March 8th.

For the best SIM free and on-contract Samsung Galaxy S20 deals currently available, then read on. If you know what network or retailer you want to order from already, though, then simply click the relevant link below.

Every major UK network is stocking the entire Samsung Galaxy S20 range of smartphones, so not matter if you want the S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra, you can pre-order one right now from your network of choice. In addition, a wide-variety of tech retailers are also stocking the S20 range, including Amazon, Currys, and iDMobile.

Actual pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S20 range of phones open a little later than in the UK, however, you can currently pre-register to be first in line to pre-order at almost all of the big North American mobile networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: best on-contract deals (UK)

Samsung Galaxy S20 | O2 | £49 upfront | 90GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £49 per month | Available now at O2
This S20 deal from O2 just manages to keep the monthly cost below fifty notes, with 90GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts delivered for £49. The upfront cost is £49, too, which is very affordable. Free delivery is included.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S20 | EE | £69 upfront | 125GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48 per month | Available now at EE
EE delivers a huge 125GB of data each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for £48 per month in this S20 deal. The upfront cost is £69, which isn't the cheapest of the deals on offer. This deal also comes with six months of Apple Music included. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S20 | Three | £0 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £51 per month | Available now at Three
Three are big-data specialists, which is why this launch with SIM plan deal slots 100GB of data in the S20 each month. Unlimited minutes and texts are par for the course, but a free upfront cost certainly isn't. The monthly cost, at £51, isn't cheap, but we don't think it is prohibitively so. Free delivery is included.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: best S20 deals

Samsung Galaxy S20+ deals: best S20+ deals

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals: best S20 Ultra deals

Samsung Galaxy S20 Galaxy Buds+ true wireless earphones

Pre-order any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones and you get a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: official pre-order offers

For anyone in Europe interested in the S20 range, then if you pre-order the S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra between February 11 and March 8, 2020, then your phone will come with a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ true wireless earbuds. The Buds+ are a new model of Samsung's Galaxy Buds and have a price of €170 when bought separately.

Samsung ran this same promotion last year with the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, bundling in the original version of the Galaxy Buds, so it makes perfect sense that they would offer its Apple Airpods rival again with its flagship range.

You can pre-order any of the S20 phones right now on the official Samsung Store.

Samsung Galaxy S10 prices are plummeting!

The one thing the Samsung Galaxy S20 launch is definitely doing right now is causing prices on the entire S10 range to absolutely crash through the floor. We monitor smartphone prices week in and week out at T3, and the fall-off over the past month has been pretty spectacular.

From the entry-level, but T3 Award-winning, Samsung Galaxy S10e, through the five-star rated Samsung Galaxy S10 and T3 Award-winning Samsung Galaxy S10+, and right through to the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, this entire range of premium phones can now be snapped up for incredibly attractive prices.

For many we feel that, actually, the smart phone upgrade right now could very well be from the super S10 range, rather than the S20 range, so be sure to check out the best deals going today.

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals

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Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: SIM-free pricing

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S20 SIM free have now arrived and they have been confirmed as £799 for the S20 4G, £899 for the S20 5G, £999 for the S20+ 5G and £1199 for the S20 Ultra 5G.

We would expect these prices to hold fast for the first two months on sale, before then falling by £50 and then £100 increments. A summer deal on the S20 5G for £749 looks likely, which would be a £100 saving on the launch price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals: what to look out for

Lastly, S20 deal hunters should make sure that they familiarise themselves with the entire S20 range before pulling the trigger on an upgrade, as the deals we're expecting to see could be very enticicing, and if you're not careful you could end up with the unideal device for you.

All phones in the range support 5G, for example, however the S20 also comes in a 4G only model, so if you were thinking of upgrading to that phone then you should very much determine which model would be best for you. If you live in the countryside, where 5G coverage won't be available for years, then why spend more on the 5G version?

Next, take a look at the sizes of screens each phone comes with, as they stretch from quite big to ginormous. The S20 Ultra, for example, is reported as coming with a 6.9-inch screen, which is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ huge. The S20, on the other hand, is reported as coming with a 6.3-inch screen, and the S20+ a 6.7-inch. The bigger screen phones cost more, so if you have small hands, prefer small phones, or tend to carry your phone in your pocket, then maybe the larger handsets aren't a good fit?

As anyone who takes a look at the back of an S20 handset can see, each device in the range has a very pronounced rear camera array. From what we can see this array looks like it will need protecting with a quality S20 case, as otherwise we can envisage plenty of scrapes, nics and scratches coming from simply placing it down on hard surfaces. As such, we advise you to factor in a new case into your S20 purchasing decision.

Samsung Galaxy S20 launch event: watch the show

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 took place at  11am PT / 2pm ET on Tuesday 11 February, 2020. (That was 7pm GMT for the Queen, and everyone else in the UK.) The event lasted 60 minutes and can be watched in full below. For T3's run down of the show, as it transpired, keep reading.

Samsung Galaxy S20 launch event: how the event played out

We're back for another Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event and, as is par for the course now, the pre-event entertainment has begun with a series of hype videos. One of the better offerings is a overview of some new features in Samsung's One UI 2 skin. The music is, naturally, upbeat. Samsung really has the Android skinning thang on lock right now, with an incredibly intuitive interface syncing perfectly with Android 10.0. It proves you don't have to be #vanilla4life.

Another video shows alpacas! The most hilarious and on trend of animals. They are used to promote the rather good Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + phones. That second phone in particular is an absolute doozie, but also far to much phone for many users we reckon. Still, with the Note 10 series we think it fair to say that Samsung has finished its re-positioning of that range as not just for the business user. Both those phones score super high in terms of all-round phone experience, and for creatives with deep pockets are almost a no-brainer.

Here we go!

And the show opens with an unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip! "The Galaxy Z Flip is a statement smartphone", says Samsung's Rebecca Hirst. Here's a picture of the phone...

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit: Samsung)

You can fold and unfold the phone over 200,000 times, apparently! That's good. The phone comes with a hole-punch camera, as well as access to YouTube Premium. For how long is not mentioned.

How the folding phone dual screens work is demonstrated. While watching a video on the top screen, you can comment on it on the bottom screen. You can also use the bottom half of the screen to swipe through images in the phone's gallery, in Flex Mode, while viewing the images on the top screen.

Hide-Away Hinge! This holds the whole thing together and, so we are told, prevents dust and particles getting in. Clearly no more first-gen Galaxy Fold issues!

A catchy French ditty is then played to show how the Galaxy Z Flip can fold and unfold. "It's a new kind of device, to kick off a new decade of Samsung innovation," we're then told by Rebecca.

Oh, here comes the news we want... release date and price.

The Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale on February 14, 2020.

The Galaxy Z Flip will start at $1,380.

Well, that price is challenging. It isn't, though, anywhere near the price the Fold retailed at, so that is something at least.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Confirmed! You can take selfies on the Galaxy Z Flip.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's President of Mobile Communications TM Roh now takes to the stage. He talks about innovation that is more meaningful, intelligent connections that will drive growth for consumers. Super! DJ Koh gets a shout out, too. "Thank you for your leadership", Roh states.

Here we go. Roh has moved on to the Galaxy range. Could the S20 unveil be close?

In the short term, no. Roh moves on to talk about the Galaxy Note range. :-|

This is a long wind-up...

5G is then introduced to the conversation.

"Now Samsung is making 5G available to more people than anyone thought possible!" Roh is enthused.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung's TM Roh on stage during Samsung Unpacked

(Image credit: Samsung)

The new member of the Galaxy family is here... it's the Samsung Galaxy S20!

5G is intrinsic to the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, we are told. "It is the year of Galaxy 5G!"

The S20's camera is in the spotlight. Quality, quality, quality is all that matters to phone users when it comes to camera, we are told. High-resolution sensors are important.

The S20 has a 64MP main shooter. This means that when you crop into images, we are told, you don't get a blurry mess. The camera system comes with smart new AI, too. Single Take mode is spoken about. This mode uses all the system's rear cameras to shoot different takes on one image each time you make a shot. The AI then helps group and search these.

"With the Galaxy S20 we've made a phone that will change photography". Wow, strong words.

Yowzers! The S20 lets you shoot video at 8K! Now that is impressive.

Samsung Unpacked Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit: Samsung)

A 33MP still image mode means you can shoot in 8K and then, at any point, enable it to take high-resolution stills out of it. Neat.

"All-day battery" is how the phone's battery is described. We'll be the judge of that! There are three models of the S20. Here they are...

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here!

it packs a stupid crazy amazing 108MP AI camera. Low light photos are a speciality of the Ultra, thanks to its nona binning, 9-in-1 image shooting mode. This combines 9 different shots into one, seamlessly.

The Ultra has a folded lens, which allows up to 10x hybrid optic zoom and 100x space zoom functionality. It looks very similar to the periscope lens tech that was installed in the Huawei P30 Pro last year, but evolved. The P30 Pro had a 50x zoom, so this is double that. Well, at least on paper.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Ultra's amazing zoom functionality being shown off live during the show.

(Image credit: Samsung)

This entire Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is being filmed with S20 phones. Nice touch!

A Netflix representative now takes to the stage. They are here to announce that they are they Samsung's mobile entertainment partner. "Even better product integration" is promised! Well, it's not massive news, but if Netflix looks better than ever on Samsung phones then we're bang behind that. Geralt of Rivia will look even more surly, no doubt.

Noooooooooooo! Bixby is still a thing, and can make recommendations in terms of entertainment.

"Mobile entertainment is all about getting the content you want, when you want," we are told. 5G can help you do that. It's fast don't you know.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The S20 Ultra has a folded lens.

(Image credit: Samsung)

5G is being used to great effect, it would seem, with the S20's Google Duo integration. Instant high-quality video calls.

5G's mobile gaming capabilities are next up. The "S20 takes gaming to a whole new level," apparently. Touch lag is reduced on the S20. This is due to the phone's processor and, amazingly, max spec of 16GB of RAM. Cor blimey! That's more RAM than most people have in their well-specced laptops.

Samsung is partnering with Xbox in 2020! Xbox Games Studio is bringing Forza Street to Samsung Galaxy devices. "The S20 is the perfect gaming device for Forza Street," we are told.

"Our hardware and software deliver powerful performance with minimal lag" boasts the Samsung rep.

Samsung Galaxy S20

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ come out of left field! The second-gen of the Galaxy Buds are here, with Spotify integration and call optimisation. The Buds+ now have three mics built in, and ambient sound control. You can quickly flick between devices, too. Just tap the Buds+ to switch between phone, watch, TV etc.

Wireless power charging is a thing. 11 hours of charge for the Buds+, and 22 hours with the charging carry case.

The Galaxy Buds+ cost $149.

And the Galaxy Buds+ hit store shelves on Feb 14, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are here!

(Image credit: Samsung)

And here comes the BIG reveals! The S20 range price and release date.

The S20 range goes on sale on March 6, 2020.

In terms of prices, the S20 starts at $999, the S20+ at $1199 and the S20 Ultra $1399. All these phones comes with 5G as standard.

The S10 range is now reduced in price, too. The S10e is now $599, the S10 is $749 and the S10+ is $849.

Well, that is neither good nor bad news, as the S20 is prices like the S10 was at launch. It remains as affordable as last year's flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The S20 price, as well as the new prices for the S10 range.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Next up a Google Android representative steps up to talk about just how integrated Google Duo, YouTube and Android in general is with the S20 series. "Congratulations on the launch today," he closes with. Short and sweet.

Oooh! We have a one more thing! Roh returns and talks about...

... UN Sustainable Development Goals.

"We have discovered new ways to use technology to advance humanity!" is how Roh closes Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020.

And that is the show. An S20 hype video plays us out to some funky beats. It's been a pleasure as always. Be sure to go and check out T3's official hands-on Samsung Galaxy S20 review and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review for our early impressions of the new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20

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