Best headphones deals: Powerbeats Pro is perfect for your home workout and the price has been slashed

Bose, Beats, Bowers & Wilkins, Amazon, RHA and V-Moda headphones deals plus all the best online retail buds offers

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Working from home? Finding it hard to concentrate with all the noise of your kids, family or flatmates? Then you seem like someone who's in need of a cheap headphones deal on a decent pair of buds. Modern headphones and buds not only play music so only you can hear it – and you can't hear everything else – they also let you stay connected, with loved ones able to call you and get through immediately. The best noise cancelling headphones usually also let you hear the outside world with the touch of a button or earcup.

Biggest headphones deals of the day today are from Bose, Beats, Bowers and… Bamazon. Okay, Amazon. 


• Buy Bose QuietComfort 35 II for $299 – save $50 at

• Buy Beats Powerbeats Pro for $145 – Amazon renewed

• Buy Beats Powerbeats Pro for $199 – Amazon USA, $50 off, limited time deal


• Buy Beats Powerbeats Pro for £180 – £39 off at Amazon UK

• Buy Bowers & Wilkins PX5 for £190 – save £80 at Amazon

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones - Black | Was: $349 | Now: $299 | Save $50 at
Complete with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones deliver a "smart headphone" experience that's hard to beat. Excellent sound quality, Bose proprietary noise cancelling tech, these headphones have it all. Offer ends April 13th.View Deal

Best headphones deals

Pulling an earcup away like this will pause the music – nice touch

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Bowers & Wilkins PX5 £190 | Was £270 | Save £80 at Amazon
Possibly the best on-ear headphones with active noise cancelling (ANC), this triumph of audio engineering boasts ANC that is almost on par with the all-conquering Sony WH-1000XM3. Sound and call quality are also excellent. Comfort is also a high point; glasses wearers should be able to wear the PX5 for extended periods without getting that 'specs-crushed-into-ears-and-head' sensation.View Deal

Bowers & Wilkins PI3 £119 | Was £170 | Save £51 at Amazon
Wireless buds with superior sound, the PI3 uses dual drivers and support for aptX to make music sound as good as possible, while a high quality mic guarantees excellent call quality. The fit is secure yet comfortable and 8 hours of battery life plus quick charging make them suitable for all-day wear.

If you want some excellent headphones that are high-end and Scottish, and HALF PRICE, make your way straight to RHA's online shop armed with this voucher code: RHASUB50

• Shop RHA headphones and accessories half price with voucher code

As well as getting 50% off RHA's excellent wireless headphones and true wireless buds, the same deal is also on offer for their wireless flight adaptor. While it may not have much use for its original purpose for the time being, this clever gizmo can also plug into your Nintendo Switch, finally making that a wireless audio product too.

RHA TrueConnect £75 | Was £150| Half price with voucher code RHASUB50
These are already among the best true wireless headphones you can get. Slash the price by half and you have a genuine bargain. They look a lot like AirPods Pro, but actually predate their arrival. Sound quality for music and calls is stunning for a pair of £75 buds. View Deal

TrueConnect seems like the best choice from the RHA range for most folks, but that 50% discount makes the entire RHA range seem very tempting. The wired MA390 buds, for instance, are about as good a pair of earphones as you'll find for (with the discount) £10. Those who favour the 'necklace' style of Bluetooth buds won't be disappointed by the great-sounding T20 wireless in-ear monitors for £100.

Do remember to enter RHASUB50 into the promo code box when you check out though, or you'll feel a proper fool.

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There are also cheap cans, buds and headphones to be found at Currys in the UK, including up to 30% off Skullcandy. The pick of the deals there is probably £50 off JBL Live and £40 of Marshall Major III.

Amazon is not really promoting any deals but it does have a very handy 'headphones product finder' – you can find your ideal buds by searching via a number of criteria. This, however, is missing a number of top budget brands. Our #1 choice if you're watching the pennies is Anker Soundcore – their audio products are outrageously cheap, given their excellent quality.

• Shop Anker Soundcore headphones at Amazon UK

John Lewis has a load of swankier headphones to sell you, and is offering up to £50.95 off some of Beats' finest. 

V-Moda Crossfade 100

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On offer in the States and UK/Europe V-Moda has Crossfade Wireless 40% off (was $150 now $90) and the more upmarket Crossfade M-100 40% off at $150 (was £250).

Also in the US of A, you can pick up headphones bargains at Walmart – a store that really does sell something for everyone – as well as Best Buy, of course. Best Buy has Beats by Dre Studio Wireless 3 in gray for just $199 – that's $150 off

Working from home headphones: what you need

If you haven't used wireless headphones at home for a while, you may be surprised to learn that nowadays, they maintain connection really well, and have excellent sound quality. 

For optimum audio effects, you should look at over-ear headphones – preferably noise cancelling headphones. However if you are working, you may not want to seal yourself off from the world, so something like Apple AirPods might be better. These let in a lot more ambient sound, so you can hear if your home-schooling kids are tearing the house apart.

Wireless headphones get a little tricky if you want to use them to watch video, as they tend to introduce a bit of lag, so the actors' lips go out of sync. To get around this we recommend you use Apple or Beats headphones with Apple devices, and any headphones with aptX Low Latency with compatible Android and Windows devices.

Or, of course, you could get some wired headphones or buds. Latency is as low as it can be when you're wired to the sound source.

Naturally with headphones, you largely get what you pay for, but you can get great buds for under £50 from brands such as Soundcore, Sony and JBL.  

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