Best Buy Black Friday OLED TV deals are here! Save on LG, Sony & Vizio – from just $1,399!

Get some of the latest and greatest OLED TVs with big discounts, including the best TV for PS5

Best Buy OLED deals
(Image credit: LG)

Best Buy has gone in hard and early on Black Friday deals – our picks of top Best Buy Black Friday deals is full to bursting. What makes us even happier is that there's also a great range of Black Friday TV deals in there, including on some of the best OLED TVs!

Whether you prefer Sony's ultra-premium approach to OLED TVs, Vizio's big and bargain approach, or LG's feature-packed sets, there are some prices here to match the best Black Friday deals we've seen anywhere.

LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Now $1,399 | Was $1,699 | Save $300 at Best Buy
LG CX 65-inch OLED TV | Now $1,899 | Was $2,499 | Save $600 at Best Buy

Sony A9G 55-inch OLED TV | Now $1,899 | Was $2,499 | Save $600 at Best Buy
Sony A9G 65-inch OLED TV | Now $2,499 | Was $3,499 | Save $1,000 at Best Buy

Vizio OLED-H1 65-inch TV | Now $1,499 | Was $1,999 | Save $500 at Best Buy

Every one of those deals is worth buying, but there are two especially incredible TV deals there: the 55-inch LG CX and the Vizio.

The LG CX is the best OLED TV available in the US, in our opinion, and rides high in our list of the best TVs overall. That's thanks to its fantastic image quality, having one of the best smart TV platforms, and also packing in next-gen connectivity tech that makes it perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series X – in fact, we rate it as the best gaming TV.

And now it's the cheapest it's ever been! That's an astoundingly low price for any OLED, let alone one of the best on the market.

The Vizio is a new arrival on the OLED scene, and one that we haven't been able to review yet, but it's been extremely well-received – oh, and it's a 65-inch OLED at under $1,500! That's incredible.

However, we don't want to ignore the Sony TVs here either – Sony prices its OLED TVs slightly higher than the likes of LG, but that's because it includes much better audio than other TVs manage, using the screen itself as a speaker driver, so you're less likely to need a soundbar. And, of course, Sony's image quality and processing are absolutely top-tier.

LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Now $1,399 | Was $1,699 | Save $300 at Best Buy
We gave this five stars in our LG CX review – it's one of the best TVs on the planet, and now it costs less! It's the best TV for next-gen consoles, and is also the best TV generally at this price. Its OLED 4K screen is rich for HDR (with Dolby Vision support), and Dolby Atmos provides 3D audio to external sound system. The webOS smart TV software is one of the best out there, with great app support. The 65-inch model is also reduced – you can browse all sizes on the Best Buy page.View Deal

Vizio OLED-H1 65-inch TV | Now $1,499 | Was $1,999 | Save $500 at Best Buy
Vizio is brining OLED to the masses with its lower-priced set, which still gives you the incredible contrast and HDR performance the tech is known for. 4K and Dolby Vision HDR make everything look excellent, and it's another great one for next-gen gamers, with 4K at 120Hz supported. Vizio's SmartCast software provides smart TV functions.View Deal

Sony A9G 55-inch OLED TV | Now $1,899 | Was $2,499 | Save $600 at Best Buy
Sony's MASTER OLED TVs are tuned for image perfection, from the way they handle HDR (including Dolby Vision) and colour, to their class-leading upscaling and motion handling. They also have a specific calibration for Netflix that matches the way Netflix makes its movies, so you things exactly as the director did when editing the movie. The 65-inch model has an even bigger discount – you can see all sizes at Best Buy's page.View Deal

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