Best alcohol delivery services: Beer, liquor, and wine delivered straight to your door

Alcohol delivery services that'll keep you stocked on cold beers, fine wines, and liquor – with contact-less delivery available!

best alcohol delivery services
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Alcohol delivery services have been growing in popularity with the recent lockdown situation, and it's no surprise people are resorting to services like Drizly and Saucey to keep their shelves stocked with their favorite liquors during these extended stays at home.

The recent lockdowns have been an excellent reminder of just how useful delivery services truly are, with food delivery services saving the day when grocery stores starting seeing some shortages. But food isn't the only crucial supply some of us have been stockpiling though, but many of you may not have realized that there are delivery services for that too!

To help you find the best alcohol delivery service for you, T3's put together a list of the best alcohol delivery services you can shop with right now. Read on to learn more about the best alcohol delivery services.

Best Alcohol Delivery Service: Saucey

Saucey is one of the few alcohol delivery services that offers 30 minute on-demand ordering in select areas, with two day on all other orders outside of these areas. Similar to the other alcohol delivery services on this article, simply punch your address in and Saucey will serve up all available beers, wines, and liquors you can purchase.

Saucey: Beer, Wine, & Liquor Delivered
Get on-demand 30 minute alcohol delivery with Saucey. Just enter your zip code and get a list of all liquor options available for purchase near you. You'll need to confirm that Saucey can provide on-demand shipping in your area, but all other orders can be deliver via two-day shipping.View Deal

Best Alcohol Delivery Services: Drizly

An alcohol delivery service offering a massive selection of beers, wines, and liquors available from thousands of local stores around the country, think of Drizly as an online marketplace for your favorite part drinks. Just punch your address in and select from some of the best tequilas, mezcals, ales, IPAs, pinot noirs, merlots, and more available from liquor stores near you – with rush delivery available in some areas.

Drizly works with local liquor stores in areas all over the nation to provide quick delivery, so you'll receive constant updates on your order up until delivery. Drizly also features a great selection of extras including food, snacks, and sodas.

Drizly: Your Online Liquor Store
With a massive selection of beers, wines, and liquors, Drizly features one of the largest selections of alcohol to choose from. Working with local liquor stores to offer next day delivery (and same day in some cases), Drizly is an excellent place to shop for and have alcohol delivered right to your door.View Deal

Best Alcohol Delivery Services: Minibar

An alcohol delivery service similar to Drizly, Minibar works with liquor stores in your area to deliver beer, wine, and liquor straight to your door. Enter your address info and Minibar tells you all available alcohol available for delivery. Most alcohols you expect are deliverable, from craft beers to tequilas, red wines and white wines, and everything in between.

Depending on your location, Minibar's offerings may be a bit limited as some areas don't quite get the coverage others will. If that is the case, Drizly may be the better option as they seem to cover a much larger audience.

Minibar: Alcohol Delivery In Your Area Today
Order beer, wine, and liquor from local liquor stores in your area straight to your door. Delivery times can vary (up to 5 business days), and the complete offering may be limited in some areas, but Minibar is an excellent place to purchase alcohol onlineView Deal

Best Wine Delivery Services: Firstleaf

Online wine delivery service Firstleaf analyzes hundreds of wines and your own personal style to find you the best selection of reds, whites, and more for your taste. Signing up may be a little pricier, but the quality of wine you received (and the selection available) are unmatched with other alcohol delivery services.

For wine connoisseurs, Firstleaf is an excellent wine club to be a part of and offers a huge selection of award winning wines that can be delivered straight to your home.

Firstleaf: The Best Wine, The Best Way – Yours
America's #1 awarded wine club, Firstleaf ships only the finest wines to your door. You'll need to take a "test" before you sign up so Firstleaf can pair you with proper wines to choose from, but the selection is second to none and the quality is even better. Perfect for those who enjoy fine wines.View Deal