Forget big-screen TV deals: this projector is like a 300-INCH 4K TV and it's £700 off today only

Massive screen, massive savings. It's easy to set up, too

Epson EH-TW7400
(Image credit: Epson)

Looking for a big-screen TV deal? Amazon has some good Philips TV deals on today but if you want a REALLY big-screen TV deal, it's going to be quite hard to beat 700 quid off a 300-inch screen. Obviously, it's a projector and you'll need a 300-inch wall space or a cinema-sized screen to achieve that, but let's not sweat the details. Epson makes some of the best projectors you can buy – and sells more than anyone else – and this is an epic deal.  

 • Buy Epson EH-TW7400 4K projector for £1,299.99, was £1,999.99 – save £700 (35%) at Amazon)

The great thing about this projector isn't just the 4K UHD visuals, splendid though they are, it's the ease with which the Epson EH-TW7400 can be set up. Thanks to vertical and horizontal lens shift and a wide zoom range, you can set it up without the need for professional installation – although with a projector of this quality, that would be the obvious option.

Epson EH-TW7400 £1,300 | Was £2,000 | Save £700 at Amazon
This is the lowest price this projector has been when sold by Amazon (although it's not the first time it's gone this low). With Epson's blend of visual acumen and easy setup, it's a great deal, so long as you have a suitable room to make the most of the EH-TW7400 – ideally dark and with an expansive enough screen or wall to really rack up the size.View Deal

Why you should buy the Epson EH-TW7400

This projector is actually '4K-enhanced' rather than native 4K but the upscaling effect works extremely well. The HDR, similarly, is not Dolby Vision, or any other standard, but it does a good job of making images brighter and with greater contrast (200,000:1 is the claimed figure) than the quoted 2,400 lumens would suggest. This is thanks to 3LCD technology, which gives better colour range and brightness than LED or DLP projectors. It also means there's no 'rainbow effect' possible.

The light source should be good for 5,000 hours in Eco mode and noise is a reasonable 31dB max. The price includes a two-year UK warranty on the projector and one year or 1,000 hours on the light source. 

The impressive zoom (2.1x) and lens shift (Vertical ±96.3%; horizontal ±47.1%) make setup easier than projectors costing over £2,000. If you want a projector that's truly impressive, but can't run to custom installation, this deal could be perfect for you. The wireless connectivity is a little iffy, so invest in at least 2 long HDMI cables – one for your source and one to connect back to your soundbar or speakers.

 • Buy Epson EH-TW7400 4K projector for £1,299.99, was £1,999.99 – save £700 (35%) at Amazon)

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