Amazon devices going cheap today: Echo Show £70 off, Echo Plus £30 off, Echo everything else also cheaper, plus Fire TV and Fire tablets

Struggling underdog Amazon desperately needs your cash this Christmas, so dig deep, people

For hundreds of years now, people have gathered around the tree on Christmas morning to sup mulled wine and say, "Oh great, an Amazon Echo, thanks very much."

Little do these grateful people know that said Echo device was almost certainly purchased at a reduced price deal, in the run up to Christmas. But hey, we won't let on, if you don't.

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We trailed this one yesterday: Amazon has lopped a massive £70 off their range-topping Show AI-speaker-with-screen thing. At its launch price of £199, it felt like a bit of a 'luxury'. For £129, why the hell not?

Amazon Echo Show | £129.99 | Save £70

From today, Wednesday December 13 until stocks run out, or Amazon gets bored, you can get the Echo Show for just shy of 130 quid. We've been using this for the last month and it's easily the best Echo device to date, with better 'hearing', improved sound and a screen that's genuinely useful.View Deal

Amazon Echo 2017 model | From £69.99 | Save £20

Updated with a range of stylish finishes – the heather grey fabric is probably our pick – the Echo is a very nifty speaker for music, smart home control, news, weather and kitchen timing duties. Via its numerous apps you can also do everything from ordering cabs and takeaway food to playing bizarre 'choose your own adventure' type games.View Deal

Amazon Echo Dot | £34.99 | Save £15

The Dot is always something of a tech bargain, and as a result the #1 tech seller on Amazon. Today it's just £35, minus one pence. This little fella is handy for smart home stuff, taxis and pizzas, tasks such as kitchen timing, and use as a radio in very quiet rooms. Plug it into a proper speaker – such as one of our favourite Bluetooth speakers with a line in – and it becomes a musical maestro with support for Tune In, Spotify and Amazon Music.View Deal

Amazon Echo Plus with Home Hub | 109.99 | Save £30

Again, this is quite the deal, with £30 off the price, although normally, the £139.99 asking price includes a 'free' Philips Hue bulb. Even so, smart home fans will be pleased to know this model has a built-in Zigbee hub, making it easy to add hundreds more compatible devices than even the basic Echo, which is itself no smart home slouch.View Deal

More Amazon deals on Kindle, Fire TV, Fire Tablet and Echo

Amazon would also like to tempt you with these. We've ranked them in order of just how tempting a deal each one is…

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | £29.99 | £10 off

At this price, you might as well get stuck in to what is one of the best media streamers you can buy. Now with Alexa on your telly, for searching through the reams of available content, and checking the weather and footie scores.

Amazon Fire HD 8| £49.99 | Save £30

Also boasting Alexa inside, this already affordable tablet is now ridiculously cheap.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition| From £99.99 | Save £30

A potential life-saver for parents – oh, and probably very educational for your kids; mustn't forget that – this comes with a year's free access to huge quantities of children-focussed TV, apps and books. With a tough case and a two-year, no-quibbles-at-all warranty, it is literally child-proof.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | From £94.99 | Save £15

A slightly older but still highly effective e-book reader, with access to Kindle's virtual British Library, the Kindle Store.

Amazon Fire 7 tablet | From £34.99 | Save £15
Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition | From £79.99 | Save £20

Smaller, lower-res, even cheaper versions of the aforementioned Fire tablets.