65-inch 4K TV from LG is under $500 at Walmart for Cyber Monday

Massive TV, substantial price drop

LG 65" 4K TV deal Walmart Cyber Monday deal
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So, Black Friday Cyber Monday is here, and that means one thing: big 4K TV deals. Okay, it probably means lots of things, but 4K TV deals are up there. And 4K TV deals don't come much bigger than the one on this 65-inch LG 4K smart TV at Walmart. It's jumped the gun here, as the deal is already live.

• Buy 65" 4K LG 65UM6950DUB TV for $475 at Walmart now

While it's not an OLED (it's LED LCD), this is a quality 4K smart TV from a premium brand. And more importantly, it's a massive 65-inch TV for less than many 55-inch ones. It's an awesome TV at a ridiculously low price, so if you don't want to find yourself wrestling with a complete stranger for the last one in your local Walmart store, we suggest you buy this Walmart rollback special buy online now. 


LG 65" 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV  $478 | Was $650 | Save $172 at Walmart
With the same great smart TV platform as LG 4K TVs costing $1000s, the 65UM6950DUB is perfect for all your streaming and catch-up TV – there's over 160 free IP channels, as well as subscription essentials such as Netflix. There's also HDR for more vivid images, 

Why you should buy the 65-inch LG 65UM6950DUB

Mainly, what you're getting here is a lot of " for not a lot of $. LG makes great televisions and this one draws on all its smart TV expertise. As well as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and the rest, there's also support for Apple AirPlay 2.

Image quality is also very good with both HD and ultra HD films and TV shows. A quadcore processor upscales lesser quality video and removes noise and judder so everything looks just right. There's a wide viewing angle, so the whole family can enjoy.

But mainly, it's a HUGE, 65-inch TV from a top brand, for under 500 bucks. This is what Cyber Monday was made for, America. 

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