5 best bunk beds 2018

Buying a bunk bed for your children isn’t as easy as a top bunk vs bottom bunk argument

Man’s solution to not having enough room has always been to build things on top of another. It’s how we have ended up with Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and, er, bunk beds.

Bunk beds aren’t just the preserve of the Eighties and films like Step Brothers – they’re still the best solution to small shared spaces.

They’re also the conduit to a special kind of adventure when growing up too. Those who grew up in a shared bedroom will remember the arguments about who gets to be the top bunk (being higher is ‘cooler’) while bottom bunk got to turn their bed into a semi-fortress of sorts (using the wooden slats above to hide things and put stickers and posters up).

Buying a bunk bed for your children isn’t as easy as a top bunk vs bottom bunk argument though. You have to consider the size, safety issues, how much room it has and, of course, if it’s actually comfortable to sleep in.

You might also want to futureproof your home, in which case you’d consider a bunk bed that detaches into two single beds once your living arrangements change.

You might even want to get a bunk bed for adults because why should children have all the fun?

With all of those aspects in mind, here are the five best bunk beds you can buy.

The top bunk beds you can buy today


The bunk bed that detaches and becomes two singles

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for smaller children+You can detach so it becomes two singles
Reasons to avoid
-Not easy to put together-Can’t use thick mattress on the top bunk  

If you want a good, solid, sturdy bunk bed, then this is a fantastic option without having to spend too much money. The main drawback is when it first arrives, as it takes a while to assemble. You need two people to put this together and it will take between two and four hours. Once assembled? You have a bunk bed that feels as though it’s been built with the same strength of the Scandinavian furniture gods who have blessed IKEA’s range and yet still has fine touch of Geppetto. You can also detach the bunk beds to use as two separate singles, which is a good way of future-proofing any change in home or living arrangements.


The stylish option for those who want their kids to have swagger

Reasons to buy
+Looks very, very slick+Ladder can go on either side of the bed
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive]-Not easy to detach into single beds

It’s almost a given that bunk beds won’t look great. Their primary purpose is to save space, not to dazzle guests. In any case, ‘guests’ is a fairly generous term for those likely to see the bunk bed, which will be children more interested in Xbox and E4 than wondering why the bed doesn’t match the rest of the furniture. Still, you know what fellow parents are like and if you want your children to be sleeping in a palace of stylistic swagger and luxurious charm, this Jango Bunk Bed Frame is as cool as bunk beds get. Its neutral white means it will work with almost every bedroom and you can also move the ladder, so it will work with most layouts too.  


The Brexit bunk bed that pays homage to London’s public transport

Reasons to buy
+Unusual and interesting design+Quite comfy inside
Reasons to avoid
-Not much room for entering/leaving bottom bunk-Design won’t suit all bedrooms

Despite the old saying, pictures don’t say a thousand words. If they did, then T3.com reviews would be made up of a few pictures each and that would be a job well done. In this instance, however, this picture does tell the whole story about the Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed. It has an eye-catching design, which even goes as far as including a small steering wheel by the front of the bus. It won’t work in every bedroom – the London bus will clash somewhat with those understated pastel colours you’ve picked for the bedroom walls – but if you want to make a statement, this is how you do it.


Reasons to buy
+Make of incredibly strong material+Adults can use it  
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best-looking bunk bed-Bed doesn’t separate

Bunk beds aren’t just for children. They’re for adults too. Big, thick, hefty adults with their years of experience and struggle weighing them down and putting strain on bunk beds designed for the lithe frames of children. This Heavy Duty Bunk Bed isn’t messing about when it calls itself that. Made of solid pine, this can take the weight of 108 kilos. Its thick, sturdy design extends from the bed-frames right through to the ladder to the top bunk. It doesn’t separate and it’s not the easiest bed to put together but the effort is worth it because this could survive a nuclear blast, let alone two adults.


Reasons to buy
+Has a double-bed below!+Curved ladder is nice touch
Reasons to avoid
-Needs a lot of room-Understandably expensive

The traditional bunk bed design has a single bed on bottom, single bed on top. “Aha!” said a curious mind one day. “What if the bottom was a double?” That’s almost certainly not the story of how this triple bunk bed came to be but it’s here and it’s roomy, in a way that you never expect bunk beds to be. The unusual design also makes this an aesthetically-pleasing bit of furniture too, allowing for nice curves instead of the usual harsh right angles and straight lines. Best of all, the ladder curves slightly, so you don’t have to do your best Chinese gymnast impersonation to clamber onto the top bunk.

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