Your very own one-man isolation chamber, courtesy of ‘Cozy Room’

Because social interaction is so last year…

We all like to forgo the pleasantries once in a while and retreat for some alone time, but this is a whole other level of solitude…

Japanese furniture retailer 'Cozy Room' is flogging perhaps its most unique product yet: a personal isolation chamber.

Described on the site as “relaxation room for man and woman,” Cozy Room's human-sized box contains a desk, some shelves, and little else.

Apparently, would-be introverts slide into the cubicle using the high-backed chair supplied, and become completely encased from all angles.

Once inside, customers can enjoy the use of whatever they've put inside their cubicle – a TV, computer games, or a healthy bottle of bourbon – safe in the knowledge that no pesky outsiders can disturb their alone time.

Unfortunately, the solitary confinement does not come without issues, namely a lack of plumbing and an undoubtedly stuffy air flow.

If trips to the loo don't phase you, and stewing in your own sweat is but a minor annoyance, then you can grab your very own solo-chamber for just north of £4,700. We'll stick to the garden shed for now.