Your Apple Watch could arrive sooner than estimated

Apple has responded to a query from a customer, and said the Apple Watch could well ship before it says on the website

All models of Apple Watch have already sold out and won't be delivered until June, July, or in some cases August. Or will they? According to Apple, they could ship before then.

MacRumors reader Andrew Turko emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook directly to give him his thoughts on the Apple Watch launch. While the Cookie Monster himself didn't reply, Apple's executive team did. They said that shipping estimates were often much later than the actual wait times.

"[Apple] said that June pre-orders will most likely ship sooner than June," Turko wrote on the MacRumors forum. "Of course he didn't make any promises, but that's the reason Apple is announcing such an extended ship date after all – to avoid disappointment through false guarantees."

It's that old maxim – under promise, over deliver.

What about those people queueing up outside Apple Stores on April 24, believing they can buy an Apple Watch as soon as the doors open? Won't they be disappointed? Apple hasn't been too clear with its messaging. The on-sale date is still April 24, even though all models are sold out (and even if they weren't you still wouldn't be able to walk out of the shop with one, just order one there to be delivered to your home).

This is being debated by Apple with "great concern" apparently. It obviously doesn't want people queueing up only to be disappointed. We'll have to wait and see what measures it takes.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president, retail and online sales, has pioneered the online-only ordering system for the Apple Watch, and has hinted it might extend to other products in future. Watch this space for future Apple retail plans.

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