You can now sign up to ride one of London's new driverless pods

Trials are set to take place later this year

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has today opened up registration for public trials of a fleet of new driverless pods what will be operating in and around the Borough of Greenwich in late 2016.

The driverless vehicles form part of the GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) project, an £8 million investment into the research and implementation of autonomous motors in the London area. Those who sign up for the trials will also be able to give feedback to help make the new service more appealing to new users.

“The move to automated vehicles is probably the most significant change in transport since the transition from horse drawn carriages to motorised vehicles," comments Professor Nick Reed, Director at TRL and Technical Lead of the GATEway project. "Testing these vehicles in a living environment, like the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab, takes the concept from fiction to reality. It gives the public a chance to experience what it's like to ride in an automated vehicle and to make their own mind up as to how much they like it, trust it and could accept it as a service in the city.”

The fully electric pods will also be operating within the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab - a large-scale testing area that covers the entirety of the borough. TRL has yet to confirm the exact routes these pods will taking when the public trials begin, but expect them to covering both quiet and busy public areas.

Via: TRL

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