Yahoo Mail celebrates 16th birthday

Adds a range of new features while retiring Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo has announced that it is celebrating its email service's 16th birthday with a redesign and range of new features.

The company has also redesigned its iOS and Android apps.

Yahoo has borrowed concepts from its rivals, including the introduction of conversations which groups related emails into threads.

It has also made it easier to maintain its users' email accounts, with search, starring and deleting all being made one-click options.

Other features that have been introduced include photo themes for its smartphone, tablet or desktop clients. They use curated Flickr content to offer users the option of personalising the background of their email client.

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The company has also done away with its premium service, opening up many of the features that had previously only been available to Yahoo Mail Plus customers.

These include disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding. It has also boosted email storage to 1TB for all customers.

Yahoo has announced that while it will be retiring Yahoo Mail Plus, it will still be offering a paid option that removes adverts. Current subscribers will have their accounts migrated over to the new option automatically.