Xbox One steals best-selling crown from PS4 in October. But will it be the same after Black Friday?

Beat that PS4...

Xbox One got off to a rocky start but has dramatically turned things round to knock PS4 off the podium position in October.

Gamespot have recently announced that Xbox has stolen the best selling crown from the PS4 for the first time since both consoles launched.

We don't yet have precise figure but VGCChartz estimates that Microsoft sold 303,000 units in October compared to Sony's 275,000.

Since launch Xbox One has significantly lagged behind the PS4 partly due to their rather ambitious initial price tag of £429 compared to the PS4's £349, meaning most people opted for the cheaper option.

However Xbox have hit back at PlayStation releasing more and more exclusive titles such as: Halo 5, Forza and the new Rise of Tomb Raider game which fans will be able to grab a year earlier than PlayStation users.

With Halo 5 being the best selling game of October, Microsoft likely raked in eager Halo fans heading down to the shops to pick up a bundle deal.

Another factor putting Microsoft back in the running is that they've finally slahed the price of the console with a game to around £299.99, (which is exactly the same price as PS4).

For PS4 to hit back they'll need a better line-up of exclusive games and a price cut on the unit to lure people back towards Sony.